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Heartwarming Gifts For Seniors

Heartwarming Gift Ideas For Seniors

Older people can be hard to shop for. You can get them pineapples, and they’d still be eternally grateful to you. But you and I know a pineapple would make for a horrible present. So what to choose? Luckily, there are several things you can consider getting seniors. Here are some options off the top of our heads. Most of them require you to be creative, but that makes the gifts so special!

Quirky eyeglass holder

If the senior you’re buying presents for wears glasses, then buying them a quirky and funny eyeglass holder is an excellent idea. Not only could they get a good laugh by seeing the holder every day, but they would also get a designated spot for their glasses. No more losing them. You can find a plethora of ideas on the internet. These days, you can also get custom holders made. Animal-themed holders are the best.

Custom t-shirts

gifts for seniorsCustom t-shirts can be gifted to just about anybody under the sun, including seniors. You can choose what goes on the t-shirt, you can select a quote, an inside joke, or even a picture of the person you’re getting the gift for. There are various websites where you can make your own t-shirt. Select the color, design, quote, graphics, size, material, etc., and gift the t-shirt to make someone’s day.

Indoor slippers

gifts for seniorsSenior citizens don’t like going out much, except for probably evening walks. Why not get them indoor slippers? These slippers are comfy and super stylish, perfect for the delicate feet of older people. They can be used for lounging inside and regulating the temperature to make it adaptable to different temperatures and keep the odor at bay.

These shouldn’t be used strictly indoors. They can also be worn outdoors to some extent. The versatile pair of footwear would undoubtedly make the person happy.


Journals make for an excellent present for people of all ages. It can provide people with a safe space to pour in the thoughts they would never share with anyone. A senior person can write their story, their experiences, the daily happenings of their lives, or write diary entries for the progeny; the options are plenty.

“A senior person can write their story.”

senior writingSomeone who loves to write would definitely love a present like a journal. You can also get a designer journal specifically curated for gifting purposes. Some of them even come with prompts inside them. The prompts will help the writer get their thoughts flowing if they have never written in a journal before.

Personalized cutting board

Does the person you’re buying presents for love cutting vegetables or spending a lot of time cooking? Getting them a personalized cutting board is an excellent gift idea. They would use it every other day, and whenever they did, they would think of you! That’s one of keeping yourself in their memory every day. You can write a message on the board or have a family recipe written on it. The writings on handmade boards are made to last. Think of what message you want to solidify on the board, and get one for a senior today.

Custom gifts are the best! You can choose how your present looks, down to the last detail. So our advice would be to buy a custom t-shirt, journal, cutting board, or anything personalized. You can get these made online.


Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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