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Is Wordle A Good Game For Your Grandkids?

Is Wordle a good game for your grandkids?

Children spend a lot of time on their mobile phones these days. Technology is advancing daily and becoming a vital part of almost everybody’s life. 

Using mobile phones and devices is not all wrong because your children can learn, grow, make connections, and do several other positive things using phones. It depends upon the way they use the phone.

Children love to play games, but most games only waste their time. So, you might have to be extra attentive about what games they should play or avoid. 

What Is Wordle, and How to Play It?

Wordle is a mini word game in which you guess a five-letter word in six attempts. The AI tells you if the letters you write are in the word by coloring the box in green, yellow, or dark grey color.

Each color signifies a different thing. The green color tells that the letter you entered is in the word at the exact position. The yellow color means that the letter you entered is present in the word but at a different place. The grey color means that the letter is not in the word.

Is It Too Hard for Kids?

Yes and No. It depends on two factors,

  1.  Your kid’s vocab,
  2.  Wordle’s level.

Your kid will solve the Wordle effortlessly if it is an easy one. However, it can be difficult if Wordle’s difficulty level is higher. Improving and expanding your kid’s vocab is one of the most efficient ways to succeed at Wordle.

You can teach them new words or use a word tool to do the task. An online word tool will give them a list of every possible word according to the conditions. These conditions can be related to the word or character length, the number of vowels or consonants, letter placements, and several other things.

Word tools also help a lot in other word games like Scrabble, Crosswords, Boggle, Bananagrams, etc. You can check this tool out to win word games, learn new words, and end long-lasting games like Scrabble a little early. 

How Is Wordle Beneficial for Kids?

Wordle is one of the best games for kids. It can help your kids in many ways. Some of the most important ones are as follows.

1) Language Game

Wordle helps your kids to start thinking about new words, working and structure of language, phrases, and more. It is also beneficial for kids who want to work on their spelling. Wordle is a fun way to practice and learn English.

It also helps many kids who do not have English as their first language. They learn new words in a fun way which makes them more eager and confident to keep learning more.

2) Stress-Releasing Activity

Wordle can also be a decent stress-releasing activity. Wordle forces the player’s mind to concentrate on guessing the right word. It takes other things off your mind for some minutes, which is a decent approach to forgetting about your worries.

3) Family Time

happy grandfather and a kid outdoors .

Wordle is also decent if you want to spend quality time with your loved ones. You can play together or compete against each other. You can also modify the game by adding your rules to make it more entertaining. You can follow these tricks to create a fun wordle game yourself.


Word games are usually informative, safe, and fun to play. However, you might want to protect your children from some unverified versions of these games.

Several unverified clone games are out there which seem like normal word games but turn out to be adult-only games. Similarly, there are specific games that allow words from a specific country only. You might want to avoid these types of games because they will limit the learning of your kids.

Wrapping Up

Word games are great for children as they keep them focused, engaged, and most importantly, happy. You might not want your kids to spend too much time playing these games because they can get addicted, and much screen time is not easy for their eyes. You can buy a board version that will not be harmful to their eyes.

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