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Do You Want To Help Rather Than Hinder Your Grandchildren?

If your answer is yes, then you will want to read Enjoy the Gift of Childhood!
Imagine what life would be like if you started enjoying more of the moments you got to spend with your grandchildren.

This new book, Enjoy the Gift of Childhood, made Amazon’s #1 Hot New Release in the grandparenting category.

Explore the discoveries made this century. You can now exchange guessing for the science of parenting and grandparenting.

“A gift idea for yourself, your adult children/grandchildren who have kids of their own.”

Read it before you gift it, then it will double the benefits to young children in your family.

Unwrap this gift for yourself, or give this present to ① grandparents, ② teachers, ③ families with young kids — even older brothers, sisters, and babysitters. We can all benefit from science helping children to be less misunderstood.

Here’s a remarkable neuroscientific insight: The time you spend enjoying each other is building a neural pathway inside a child’s brain that has the potential to remain a part of them for the rest of their life.

Does this give you a clue about the ending of the book?

The people who read this will know how important they are in a child’s life.

Scientists have proven this information is time-sensitive. Know that you only get little kids for a little while. Know that parenting’ young kids means your lease is up in six years!


This book will share ways to use your limited time wisely.

Price range: $4.99 for the ebook, $10.99 for paperback, and $24.99 for the hardcover

Motivation to read or gift this book:

  • Our parents did not have access to this information, so we were not taught to have a healthy relationship with our thoughts.

  • Young children have been misunderstood because of their limited ability to communicate, but now neuroimaging can help.

Twenty years ago neuroscience began revealing how a developing brain works. The exchange of guesswork for scientific findings makes now the best time in history to undertake a journey with a young child.


My journey began in college when I started noticing the wildly disparate learning processes. The young gymnasts had diverse triggers, and none processed training in the same way. As a twenty-something, it took time to accept their differences but learning to do this proved more valuable than my talent or theirs. I developed a pedagogy for young children’s exceptional ability to learn and am driven to guide adults to enjoy the temporary gift of the early years. What an exciting time to undertake a journey with a young child, as recent discoveries provide the chance to exchange guesswork for neuroscientific resources available today.

I now have a grandchild and another on the way! I continue coaching—helping people stay active and mobile with Nordic Walking. I would be grateful for reviews about, “Enjoy the Gift of Childhood,” because that will help my book be found. I wrote this because it can be a challenging time for parents and grandparents, as society changes its complex views about nearly everything. Science keeps it simple and lets us know why a developing brain responds differently. Thanks to neuroimaging, we can stop guessing and know the reactions that help or hinder young children.

Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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