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The Most Influential Grandparents are Students First

 Reflecting on some of the most influential role models in my life, who happen to be my grandparents, there’s a common thread that pulls together their many different backgrounds and personalities – they were all lifelong learners.

No, they didn’t all hold diplomas, or sit in traditional university classrooms. They were always actively engaged in learning something new about the world around them, and most importantly, about the people for whom they cared most, including us grandkids. Through different approaches and methods, my grandparents consistently poured into my life. What seldom gets recognized, however, is the fact that the only reason they were able to share their wisdom with me in the first place, is because they had first been a student themselves.

grandparentsGrandparents are often in a unique position to share meaningful life lessons in a way that can truly influence the character and growth of their grandchildren. However, the most influential grandparents know that it’s essential to fill their own cup first in order to abundantly pour into the lives of others. One of the best ways to do this is by committing to being a lifelong learner. Here are some quick reasons why:

Learning is good for your health. Numerous studies show how active learning helps keep your mind sharp and healthy. It energizes you and keeps you from getting stuck in the same old rut.



Learning is fulfilling. Learning something new can give you a whole new perspective and appreciation for life and the people around you. What’s that thing you always wanted to do but never had time to pursue?

Learning leads to new friendships. Lifelong learners tend to flock together, carrying an energy of curiosity and upbeat positivity. Learning is better together, especially when you meet someone else who shares the same interests – such as how to connect with grandchildren more often and meaningfully.

Grandparents and their young grandchildren at home, portrait

Learning keeps you connected and in tune with your loved ones. One way to measure the depth, and often strength, of a relationship is to gauge how much one person knows about the other. How much do you know about your grandchildren’s hopes, skills, dreams and struggles? Are you actively learning about their life?

Learning equips you for significance. When you gain valuable wisdom throughout your life, you can amplify it to make a difference in the lives of others. How are you using the knowledge and lessons learned in your life to help your grandchildren grow? Have you cultivated a relationship and experiences that continue to help them long after you’re gone?

I created GrandparentsAcademy.com, the world’s first and only online academy for grandparents, to help intentional and caring grandparents like you continue to learn, grow, and cultivate meaningfully, lasting relationships with your grandchildren. This Spring, I’m thrilled to announce 14 different masterclasses for grandparents taught by world-class experts including:

  • Kerry Byrne, Ph.D teaching “Grandparenting from a Distance”
  • DeeDee Moore teaching “New Grandparents First Steps to Success”
  • Roland Thompson on “Teaching Grandchildren Financial Literacy”
  • Pam Atwood teaching “Elder Care Essentials for Family Caregivers”

And many more! Please take a look at our full catalog by clicking HERE.

The most influential grandparents are students themselves. Come join the fun, meet new grandparent friends, and grow meaningful legacies together!

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