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Make Memories With These Great Activities For Your Grandchildren


“A child needs a grandparent, anybody’s grandparent, to grow a little more securely into an unfamiliar world.”—Charles and Ann Morse

So you’ve offered to take care of the grandchildren for the weekend, but you’re stressing about the mess, noise, and impending chaos. It’s understandable. Stepping back into your parenting shoes can feel like a daunting task, both physically and mentally. The good news is, though, with a few creative ideas and an extra ounce of patience, spending quality time with your grandchildren can actually be beneficial to your health, not to mention the rewards you gain from creating memories to last a lifetime. Grand Magazine presents some ideas to keep in mind below.

Do it for You, Do it for Them

A study out of Boston College reports that grandparents and grandchildren with strong emotional ties have fewer depressive symptoms, and this works both ways. Both the grandparents and the grandchildren were mentally healthier. Other studies show grandchildren who spend time with their grandparents have fewer behavioral and social issues, and grandparents who spend time with their grandchildren have greater cognitive skills than grandparents who don’t.

Activities and Ideas

With so many great benefits to consider, here’s a list of activities you can do together to better structure your time. Having a plan for fun will keep you sane and safe while enjoying all the extra noise, mess, and chaos.

Eliminate Stress – Before you can start having fun, make sure your home is set to be a happy, healthy, stress-free zone. Clear away any stressful energy by recruiting the grandkids to help you declutter. They might even find a fun trinket to take home. Brighten up the space and the mood by bringing in some greenery from the yard, or taking a trip to the local market together.  Bringing Mother Nature’s magic into the home with lots of plants will make the space inviting and calming.

Get Scientific – Perhaps your grandchild dreams of being an astronomer, meteorologist, or marine biologist. Or maybe you have a love for science you want to pass along. Plenty of websites offer unique science experiments and adventures you can explore together.

Budget-Friendly Activities – Keep in mind, entertaining the grandchildren doesn’t have to be a budget buster. There are plenty of great activities you can enjoy together without spending a dime. Consider these:

Go Outdoors – One way to ensure your grandchildren will want to spend more quality time with you is by providing them with a swing set at your home. Swing sets have plenty of great benefits for kids, including improved athletic ability, better sleep, the promotion of social interaction, and increased motor-skill coordination to name a few.

Another great option is to get a wagon for smaller children. They think it’s a blast, and you can wheel around your neighborhood, festivals, beaches, or local parks comfortably. Use a Walk Score map to find the best places to walk near you. For safety’s sake, though, it’s important to get trusted reviews before you buy something that will carry your grandkids. Make sure you verify things like weight limits and dimensions before you buy; the last thing you want is to get a wagon that isn’t substantial enough for the kiddos, or that won’t fit into your vehicle.

You can even plan for time outdoors on a Disney trip together. You can read more here about how to get the best deals so you can make your trip work for your budget.

grandchildrenCreative Projects – Keep a stock of construction paper, yarn, pipe cleaners, glue, glitter, and other supplies so your grandchildren can get their creative juices flowing with fun arts and crafts projects. Craft supplies can be found inexpensively from your local dollar store. And don’t forget to recycle things that you use for activities, like egg cartons, cans, and cereal boxes.

Cooking – As the grandparent there’s an expectation that you’ll spoil the grandkids. But you didn’t make it to grandparent through unhealthy eating. The example you set by staying active is something they’ll remember and try to emulate their whole lives. Keep healthy snacks around so that you can spoil them while keeping them busy. Preparing these snacks together expands their palate for healthy eating and boosts confidence. There are plenty of tasty recipes you can make while teaching these valuable skills, too.

Get Thinking – Reading a book, doing a puzzle, or solving riddles are great ways to expand your grandchildren’s minds. You can even spend time together brainstorming business ideas. By reading out loud, you’ll be preparing kids for school, improving problem-solving skills, and fostering a love for books.

Start Giving – Teaching your grandchildren the value of participating in their communities is a wonderful bonding experience. Discuss with your grandchildren what is important to them. Perhaps they’d like to help animals or organize a fundraiser for a friend or relative. Visit volunteermatch.org to find relatable activities in your area.

According to Parents magazine, teaching children to donate their time has plenty of great benefits, including teaching empathy, tolerance, gratitude, and community responsibility. Plus, children who learn to volunteer are more likely to continue philanthropic activities as adults.

Spending time with your grandchildren won’t just be about teaching them, it will also give you a glimpse at the new world they are living in complete with innovative phone apps, social media, and other new technology. Use the opportunity to expand your horizons, too. Synergistic relationships between grandparents and children are important for both you and your grandchildren. Take the time to enjoy each and every moment.


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