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Posted on April 17, 2023 by Susan Fisher in accidents, claims, Personal injury

5 Reasons to Have an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney on Your Side After an Accident

Major accidents are life events that leave behind injuries, confusion, loss, and terror. Probably this is your first time, and you don’t know how to proceed with life after survival. Even if you do everything that must be done to ensure your recovery, seeking compensation can be overwhelming.

You need an expert legal mind to handle evidence collection, communicate with insurance companies, assess the value of your damages, and go to court on your behalf. An experienced lawyer knows unique ways of handling legal matters and moving the jury to rule in your favor. Please visit this website for more information about the role of personal injury lawyers after an accident.

1. Injuries and Damages Aren’t Always Obvious

Looking whole after surviving a horrific car crash doesn’t mean you aren’t hurt. Neither is a scratch or dent on your car, just a dent. Some injuries like whiplash appear much later, and a mere scratch might be covering extensive car damage.

An experienced lawyer knows this and will advise you to seek medical attention and get the car investigated for further damage. This information is vital when calculating the value of damages. You might rush to list a few injuries only for more to emerge after accepting a lower settlement offer from the insurance company.

2. Helps You Avoid Ruining Your Claim

Although you can pursue the compensation claim alone, an experienced personal injury lawyer protects you from unknowingly ruining your claim. Some things like late lawsuit filing, addressing the wrong party for damages, and speaking directly to the defendant’s insurer do happen. Add to that unverifiable evidence, and the claim is automatically aborted.

Furthermore, you’re forced to compensate the defendant and pay for court proceedings, although you are the victim. Worse still, there are no second chances in personal injury law, meaning you may not be able to sue again. An experienced personal injury lawyer ensures you don’t unintentionally shoot yourself in the foot and everything goes smoothly up to compensation.

3. Expedite the Litigation Process

Most personal injury claims never reach the court because settlement comes sooner. Your personal injury lawyer can encourage alternative means of dispute resolution, like arbitration and mediation, to speed up the process. The sooner the claim is settled, the faster you receive the damages.

Maneuvering through the judicial system if the claim goes to trial can be overwhelming for someone without a legal background. The court statements and pleadings must be written in adherence to the set procedures before filing with the relevant court registry. An experienced personal injury lawyer can do it to speed up the process while you focus on recovering from the injuries.

4. Sourcing Credible Evidence

An experienced personal injury attorney can go the extra mile in gathering evidence to strengthen your case. They can consult relevant experts, collect affidavits from hard-to-get witnesses and review medical records and police reports. Strong evidence forms the basis for a successful claim process and award. Your lawyer ensures the evidence collected is admissible before the court if the claim becomes a lawsuit.

Suing calls for lots of complicated rules and paperwork. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer can figure out how to format, what to file, and even cite relevant legal precedents. This saves you time and makes the case watertight. You can use the extra time to focus fully on recovery and family care.

5. Legal Representation

You can represent yourself in court, which is tedious and often leads to failure. According to studies, the presence of an experienced attorney in a personal injury lawsuit can positively influence the outcome of judicial decisions. The attorney has been there many times and knows all the soft spots in the jury.

Proof of liability is the main determinant in personal injury cases. A seasoned attorney can present admissible evidence in court proving your innocence and the defendant’s guilt in the accident. Successful proof of liability ensures the lawsuit’s success and subsequent compensation.


Being in an accident is hard enough, not considering handling insurance adjusters, collecting evidence, and filing compensation claims alongside recovery from serious injuries. Fortunately, an experienced personal injury lawyer can detect apparent damage and injury, protect your claim from premature failure, expedite the claim process, gather evidence, and represent you in court.


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