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Legacy of Laughter

Legacy of Laughter – Nurturing Your Grandchild’s Sense of Humor


Grandparents have a hidden superpower!  They can nurture their grandchild’s sense of humor while engaging in playful fun!  Play tickles the funny bone while nurturing physical strength, mental agility, and social skills. Play is vital not only for the growth and development of a child, but it is enormously beneficial for adults as well. Sharing playful activities with your grandchild will not only nurture them but will invigorate you as well.

LAUGHTERPlay creates memories that will be forever etched in the mind of a child.  Humor is about seeing funny, not about being funny!  Finding humor in challenging situations is a great skill to share with grandkids.  Laughter is healing and will combat stress and depression.

Excerpts from 5 Stages of Humor Development in Legacy of Laughter: A Grandparent Playbook

  • Peek a Book Stage (birth- 2 years old)
    • Rock and Read, Read, Read!
    • Have continuing conversations. You can tell them anything and they will appreciate listening to whatever you have to say.
    • Fill a small plastic bowl with water. Add some plastic pieces. Enjoy the splashing!
    • Sing songs and share fingerplays.
    • Crack an egg. Have a wipe ready to wash your fingers before they put in their mouth.
  • Knock-Knock Stage (2 years-school age)
    • Read silly rhyme books.
    • Have fun with boxes. Use appliance boxes for dramatic play.
    • Enjoy nature. Watch birds and find insects.
    • Fingerpaint with shaving cream on a cookie sheet.
    • Play instruments. You can make drums from boxes and containers.
  • Riddle De Dee Stage (early elementary years)
    • Introduce joke, riddle, and comic books.
    • Have riddles ready when they arrive. Hide the answers in the house.
    • Play games: Blurt and Apples to Apples are favorites at our house.
    • Cook and bake.
  • Pun Fun Stage (pre-teen years)
    • Enroll in art classes together. Experiment with different art materials. Paint rocks with positive messages and plant them in parks.
    • Make a snow fort and have a snowball fight. Foam snowballs work indoors!
    • Flashlight fun: Study the night sky and light the stars. Try a night hike.
    • Ask about their events and text positive messages. Attend if possible.
  • Joy Flow Stage (teens to adults) How do you find the funny? Share with your teen and be sure that you play every day.
    • Become REAL swingers! Note-we have 5 well-used swings in our yard.
    • Practice Gratitude.
    • Keep and share a FIND THE FUNNY journal.

How will your grandchildren remember you? The positive loving support that comes from close relationships is vital for the optimal development of a child. Grandparents have an extraordinary opportunity to make a ginormous (grandson, Isaiah’s word) impact on lives of their grandchildren. When you purposefully engage in playful activities with your grandchild, you generate a lifetime of memories and create your very own Legacy of Laughter!




Mary Kay’s Book, Legacy of Laughter a Grandparent Guide and Playbook was written with her 12 grandchildren. 




Free grandparent resources are on her web site https://www.questforhumor.com/resources/

Mary Kay Morrison



Mary Kay Morrison

About the author

Mary Kay Morrison, Educator, Author, Speaker

Mary Kay is an educator who has taught at virtually every level of the educational spectrum, facilitating keynote presentations and workshop sessions for the past 40 years. She is past president of the AATH (Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor) and is the recipient of the 2016 AATH Lifetime Achievement award. As founder of the AATH Humor Academy graduate studies program she continues to volunteer as the administrative director of the program. Her book, “Using Humor to Maximize Living” is the text for numerous humor studies courses. Her new book, Legacy of Laughter: A Grandparent Guide and Playbook has received positive reviews world-wide.

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