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Gran out, Glammy in: the new generation of grandmothers

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Gran out, Glammy in: the new generation of grandmothers

Grandmothers like Kris Kardashian are these days far too young to be called gran, in spirit if not quite in body, writes Nikki Gemmell. 

Out with the old, in with the new. We’re talking about grandparents’ names. None of that gran and pop anymore thank you very much. Grandmothers of Australia are far too young for that now, in spirit if not quite in the body. They’re rebelling. Changing things up. How about Glammy? G-dog. Insta-gran. Glamma. Lovey (which is what Kris Kardashian’s grandkids call her). Lolli to go with the other half, Pop, or simply, G.

When I think of the grandparent brigade when I was young, they looked uniformly old. Past it and dressed like it. Not this lot. And while we’re at it, the collective noun for those people who inhabit the third trimester of life – needs a change up too. Seniors? Please. How about … oldsters. Much cooler.

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grandmothersWe’ve found that there is a resurgence of grandparents preferring the traditional names, like grandma and grandpa, but not granny.

According to Paula Span of the New York Times, “Most of us go through life with names that were bestowed upon us, but when we enter grandparenthood, we get to make choices. Many go with some variant of the traditional: Granny, Nana, Granddad, PopPop.

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