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Summer Reading For Grands And Grandkids

Summer reading for grands and grandkids

Today’s grandparents and grandchildren are serious knowledge seekers, as have been previous generations. However, today, they both have a huge advantage of being able to access information on any topic within seconds. And yet, today’s grandparents still adore the feel of a good book in our hands. GRAND’s editors have put together an eclectic list for your enjoyment of some summer reading. All of these books are available in print or Kindle. Enjoy!

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How Other Children Learn

What Five Traditional Societies Tell Us About Parenting And Children’s Learning

BY CORNELIUS N. GROVE    Published by rowman and littlefield

To gain comparative insights into middle-class Americans’ child-related values and practices, Grove’s How Other Children Learn examines children’s learning and parents’ parenting in five traditional societies. Such societies are those that have not been affected by “modern” – urban, industrial – values and ways of life. They are found in small villages and camps where people engage daily with their natural surroundings and have little or no experience of formal classroom instruction.

The five societies are the Aka hunter-gatherers of Africa, the Quechua of highland Peru, the Navajo of the U.S. Southwest, the village Arabs of the Levant, and the Hindu villagers of India. Each society has its own chapter, which overviews that society’s background and context, then probes adults’ mindsets and strategies regarding children’s learning and socialization for adulthood.

The book concludes with two summary chapters that draw broadly on anthropologists’ findings about many traditional societies and offer examples from the five societies discussed earlier. The first reveals why children in traditional societies willingly carry out family responsibilities and suggests how American parents can attain similar outcomes. The second contrasts our middle-class patterns of child-rearing with traditional societies’ ways of enabling children to learn and grow into contributing family and community members.

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It’s Considerate to Be Literate About Religion


“It’s Considerate to Be Literate about Religion is a fun, compassionate, and lyrical journey into religious diversity. With whimsical prose and beautiful illustrations, Cunningham offers kindhearted depictions of religious differences alongside his invitation to appreciate their common moral commitments.

The author, Steven Cunningham, is a children’s book author and the Director of Pancreatic and Hepatobiliary Surgery and Director of GME at Ascension St. Agnes.




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Once Our Lives


Once Our Lives is the true story of four generations of Chinese women and how their lives were threatened by powerful and cruel ancient traditions, historic upheavals, and a man whose fate – cursed by an ancient superstition – dramatically altered their destinies. The book takes the reader on an exotic journey filled with luxurious banquets, lost jewels, babies sold in opium dens, kidnappings by pirates, and a desperate flight from death in the desert – seen through the eyes of a man for whom the truth would spell disaster and a lonely, beautiful girl with three identities.




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Time Traveling Through Yellowstone National Park – The Adventures of Bubba Jones


In the fifth book of this award-winning national park series, Tommy “Bubba Jones” and his sister, Jenny “Hug-A-Bug,” uncover amazing facts about Yellowstone National Park while on a mission to solve a park mystery. This is no ordinary brother and sister duo; they are part of a legendary time travel family with a mission to preserve and protect our national parks and they have developed a reputation for solving mysteries. As they time travel back hundreds, thousands, and millions of years, they not only learn about the past but also experience it. They encounter wild creatures and ancient plants. They meet members of the early park expeditions and encounter the U.S. Army who once served as the park stewards. They learn about the Native Americans that call this land home. They learn all about the volcanic activity and unravel some of the park’s secrets. Discover Yellowstone National Park in a whole new way.

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The Road to Splitsville

How to navigate the road to divorce without making yourself crazy, your children miserable or your lawyer wealthy…and then discover your path to happiness




If you are facing divorce, this book will guide you along the legal and emotional journey you will need to follow to end your marriage and find your best life.

The Road to Splitsville is a must-read for anyone going through a divorce. I highly recommend this helpful and informative book.” —Stephen V. Eliot, Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

“As an attorney trained to deal with the trauma suffered by victims of abuse and those suffering through the emotional strains of divorce, I highly recommend The Road to Splitsville as a valuable tool in navigating that difficult journey.” —Amy Messing, Esq.

Jeffrey S. Stephens is a native of New York City and a successful attorney in private practice for more than forty-five years including numerous divorce cases.

Dr. Ronald Raymond has a Master’s and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has maintained a practice in psychotherapy for over fifty years, focusing on marital issues and family turmoil. He holds the highest level of distinction awarded by the American Psychological Association of Diplomate in Clinical Psychology.


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My Grandpa’s Grandpa


Story Monster Approved Winner

Readers’ Favorite Winner

When it is time for bed, Charlie’s grandpa tucks Charlie in. Charlie asks his grandpa many questions about his grandpa’s grandpa. Charlie’s grandpa shares a magical moment as he introduces Charlie to his great-grandpa through fun memories.

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Author, Greg Payne, is the voice and content creator behind The Cool Grandpa, a popular podcast.  The Cool Grandpa podcast is for new and seasoned grandpas. It provides a dynamic community of grandpas that have had real-life experiences as sons, husbands, fathers, and most importantly grandfathers. They focus on interesting stories to understand and grow relationships. This is the perfect podcast to understand how important the role of grandfather is to the lives of the grandchildren and families.


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Grandma Heaven


Heaven is a place where one can have fun. Or so thinks award-winning author Shutta Crum. When asked about death by one of her grandchildren, she imagined the perfect heaven. A place where grandmothers play hockey, have iguanas as pets, jump rope, find treasures at jumble sales, and keep a loving eye on grandchildren. Grandma Heaven, and its companion book, Grandpa Heaven, provide reassurance to young worriers that heaven is a happy place and that love never dies.


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