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Rejected Mothers: The Silent Sorority Of Estrangement

Rejected Mothers: The Silent Sorority Of Estrangement


Stories of joy, lessons of sorrow, and countless experiences have shaped who I am–a visible woman over 50 who has earned her Ph.D in life.

For over a decade I have vulnerably shared my life on www.honeygood.com

I know the pain of suicide, widowhood, and cancer. But there’s one tragedy I never expected to face: estrangement.

The relationships in my life are vibrant threads woven together. It’s a beautiful tapestry and I’m forever grateful. Eight years ago, a thread in that tapestry snagged. The loose thread was one I thought was the most secure. The one with my adult children.

Nothing can prepare a mother for the crushing pain of being rejected by an adult child. This is a sorrow I have endured quietly for years, a burden made heavier by the silence that surrounds it. But I am not alone and refuse to be silent any longer.

Did you know that millions of mothers and grandmothers are experiencing rejection by their adult children?

As rejected mothers or grandmothers we are not alone or helpless and we can choose to smile again. My one-of-a-kind course, Healing From Estrangement, will help you.

Through a series of lessons and actionable steps, the course helps lead you from grief to acceptance. Acceptance will empower you to take the necessary steps forward to living your best life.

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You are stronger than you realize–every woman is! You possess the ability to break the vice grip of pain and bloom. Regardless of your relationship with your adult child, you deserve to smile and feel the sunshine on your face. Stop silently carrying the pain of estrangement. Instead, choose to roar back to life!

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I am a loving wife, mom, grandmother, and great-grandmother.
I adore having girlfriends.
I am an authentic storyteller, author, world traveler,
die-hard shopper, entertainer, and lover of elegance.
I am warm and empathetic.
I am refined but never rigid.
I am forever curious and always fearless.
I have earned a PhD in life!
I am blessed with positive DNA.
I am not young. I am not old. I am timeless.
I help women stay visible.
I am Honey Good…


I get it !

Honey Good

About the author

As a lifestyle influencer/blogger, author and entrepreneur, Susan “Honey” Good serves as an influential voice for women over 50 around the world. In her authentic, inspirational storytelling and her Ask Honey column on the award-winning HoneyGood.com, named a "top baby boomer blog,"​ women find echoes of their own experiences. Honey's numerous heartaches and over-the-top joys mirror their own. HoneyGood.com is a community where Honey and her tens of thousands of readers interact, share, offer each other support and celebrate life after 50.

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