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Here are some examples from the book Corky the Quirky Cow and the Cuckoo Concert.

The Importance of Grandparents Reading to Grandchildren

Read, read, read, and play.

Reading to grandchildren is more than just a delightful playtime. It offers benefits to both generations.

The act of grandparents reading to their grandchildren fosters a deeper bond and imparts valuable life lessons. Storytime becomes a cherished routine, creating lasting memories that children will carry into adulthood. This is a time in which the child receives kindness and love that will be extrapolated to the joy of reading later.

In today’s digital world, it creates a personal experience vs. the non-personal digital world. There is a big difference between the emotion seen on a screen and the loving and kind emotion emanating from the grandparent to the child during a storybook reading.

Then last, but not least, to this retired speech/language pathologist and dyslexia teacher, reading to children enhances greater reading and literacy skills in the children’s formal schooling. Read on for a few simple tips to keep young children engaged in a regular reading activity. At the same time, these tips will enhance early literacy skills including speech, language, grammar, and pre-reading.

  1. Choose books with bright illustrations and not too many pages (28-32 for preschoolers).
  2. Read a story as many times as the child requests it. Repetition reinforces speech and language.
  3. Paired reading: This is reading in which the grandparent reads part of a phrase and the child finishes it. This may take some time after the child has heard the book read several times. Here are some examples from the book Corky the Quirky Cow and the Cuckoo Concert. Say, “The duck can _______ (quack). Point at the picture as a clue or even give a hint with the first part of the word, ‘qua’. Give a choice question. Can a duck or a pig say, “oink”?
  1. Make the story interactive by using toys and/or puppets. “This puppet will help Grandma read your book.” Have the child act out the characters after a reading. This can be best if you can draw or download images from a website. You can also find a complete free workbook with farm animal images and games at https://www.slpstorytellers.com/register-2/. If the storybook is a farm storybook like Corky the Quirky Cow, allow your children to mimic the animals. So, as you are reading, “The rooster would cock-a-doodle- doo and Corky would ________ (cock-a-doodle-doo, child says). Also, be interactive by pointing to words at times. This will impress upon your grandchildren that the letters (words) in the book represent what you are saying.

In conclusion, the simple act of reading to grandchildren offers numerous benefits that go beyond the joy of sharing a story. It strengthens family bonds. It is better than digital for young ones. It enhances early literacy skills while fostering a love for reading and words.

So, Grandparents, read, read, read, and play.



Lavelle Carlson was born in Texas and lived in England and Norway for ten years. Following her return from overseas, she received her Masters in the field of speech/language pathology. During her career, she worked with a variety of special children. These children and her grandchildren have been her inspiration for writing books. Her storybooks are written to entertain and teach early reading and speech and language concepts. She has had several award-winning books. She also continues to provide quality teaching materials, coloring pages, activities, and downloadable storybooks as well as watermark-free photos she has taken over her 50 years of travel worldwide. She has a blog dedicated to helping teachers and speech-language pathologists at SLP Storytellers.

Lavelle Carlson was born in Texas and lived in England and Norway for ten years.

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