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“Every Time A Child Is Born, A Grandparent Is Born Too”

  1. Origin of the Foundation For Grandparenting
  2. Purpose of the Foundation For Grandparenting
  3. Review of the work of the Grandparent Foundation 1975-present
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  5. Meet Dr. Kornhaber

Thank you for your interest in our web site. We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, (since 1980) whose mission is to raise grandparent consciousness, and promote the importance of grandparenting as a role and function that both gives important meaning and empowerment to later life, and benefits all family members. In addition, we promote aspects of “grandparenting” as a role for all elders, whether or not they have biological grandchildren.

We call this “Grandparent Power”—the power to love, care for others, and grow personally by so doing. This is especially relevant in today’s society where there are few defined roles for older people. Our work has shown that today’s new and unique grandparent generation, including elders who are not biological grandparents, if coalesced into a cohesive group, contain the possibilities for changing society for the better. The Foundation For Grandparenting wants to help this to happen.

To this end we have been exploring relevant ways that Elders can apply their wisdom, experience and long view of life to help their children, grandchildren, community and nation. To establish the importance of grandparenting, we have developed, implemented, and published basic research (in our ongoing Grandparent Study) concerning the nature of the grandparent-parent-grandchild bond and its far-reaching effects on all generations. Today, increasing numbers of researchers and organizations are also exploring varied aspects of grandparenting and intergenerational relationships.

We have put the findings of our research to practical use conceiving and implementing a number of national and international programs, including the “Grandparent Network,” hospital programs for “Expectant” Grandparents,” “Grandparent Days in Schools,” the “Grandparent-Grandchild Summer Camps,  the “Grandparent Connection Program” – involving volunteer grandparents with children in day-care centers, religious institutions, nursing homes, mentor programs, etc. We have helped to institute  the Grandparent Visitation Laws,  set up systems and institutions to help Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.Exploring, educating  and supporting grandparents with their  relationships with their grandchildren (and their children) who are a member of a  Gay and Lesbian couple.  Many of these programs have been nationally and internationally replicated.

Thanks for your interest and support. Please keep in touch through the mail or our website  www.grandparenting.org.. All the best.

Arthur Kornhaber M.D.

1. Origin of the Foundation For Grandparenting

The Foundation For Grandparenting was born as a result of the important findings of the Grandparent Study. Instituted in 1975 by Arthur Kornhaber MD. The Grandparent Study is the longest ongoing study of the relationship between grandparents, grandchildren and parents. Over the years the study has evolved to include an examination of three and four generation relationships (child, parent, grandparent and great-grandparent) as well as investigation of the roles non-biological elders play for children (especially those at-risk).

2. Purpose of the Foundation For Grandparenting

Research, program development, education, communication & networking

  • To explore the Social, Psychological and Physiological Benefits of Grandparenting.
  • Manifesting “Grandparent Power” by creating new roles, programs.
  • Promoting the roles and functions of “Grandparenting.”
  • Establishing an international community of grandparents.

3. A Review of the Work of The Foundation For Grandparenting

1975-1978: Preliminary research 1978: Beginning of effort to implement consciousness raising projects and programs. Publication of Grandparents-Grandchildren- The Vital Connection” Arthur Kornhaber M.D. and Kenneth L. Woodward explaining the nature and complexity of the grandparent-grandchild relationship and it’s meaning for all family members.

1979: Program: Establishment of Grandparents Day in the Schools

1980: Program: Establishment of the Expectant Grandparent Program in hospitals (collaboration with LaMaze).

Organization: Establishment of the Foundation For Grandparenting, and conceiving the “Grandparent Movement,” dedicated to creating an international community of grandparents to better the family and society.

Consciousness raising: Publication of articles (over 50). Speaking appearances nationally and internationally to raise consciousness about the grandparent movement.

1981: Legal Initiative: Use of basic research to support the establishment of Grandparent Visitation laws nationally. Organized a hearing before the U.S. House of Representatives. Laws were subsequently enacted in all states. This initiative is ongoing.

1982: Programs: Community initiative; reaching out to at-risk children. Establishment of “Grandparent Connection” programs in schools, religious organizations, communities, etc. Establishment of “surrogate grandparent” programs. Mentoring.

1983: Academic Programs: Establishment of “Grandparent Classes” and the concept of “Grandparent University.” Collaboration with Universities and individuals to offer courses. Curriculum development.

1984: Publication of “Between Parents and Grandparents” by Arthur Kornhaber M.D. exploring the complexities of the relationship between parents and grandparents, and its effect on the grandparent-grandchild relationship.

1985: Inaugural Grandparent-Grandchild Summer Camp as a creative project to foster the “vital connection” between “long-distance” grandparents and grandchildren.

1986: Initial publication of “Vital Connections” the quarterly newsletter of the Foundation For Grandparenting

1987: Social initiative: Addressing the issue of “Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.” Organized a hearing before the U.S. Senate Committee on Aging. Consciousness raising through media, professional symposia. -Consultation and advocacy for the grandparent movement in academic, educational, helping professions. legal, political, religious areas.

1988: Promoting awareness of the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren issue. Consciousness raising. Organizing national groups with Barbara Kirkland. -Clinical initiative: Initiation of the Grandparent Clinical Project for at-risk and behaviorally disordered children at the St. Francis Academy Treatment Centers. Project objective: Using grandparents as family historians, clinical allies and discharge resources for youngsters with behavioral disorders. -Publication of the book “Spirit,” by Arthur Kornhaber M.D. An effort, among other issues, to explore and explain the spiritual and emotional aspects of the grandparent-grandchild relationship that are inexplicable using current scientific methodology.

1990: Collaboration and consultation with intergenerational projects and programs. Increased educational effort.

1991: Convening the first National Grandparenting Conference in Kansas City. MO., as part of “Grandparent University.”

1992: Expanding Research: Exploration of the medical, psychological and emotional benefits of the grandparent-grandchild relationship at the Mind/Body Medical Institute, Harvard Medical School. -Beginning scientific exploration of the differences in the ways children communicate with parents and grandparents by videotaping, and analyzing their interactions.

1993: Joint conference in Washington with Generations United. Joining grandparenting and intergenerational issues. Grandparent caregiving examined.

1994: Publication of “Grandparent Power,” (Crown) by Arthur Kornhaber M.D. A “call to arms” for the new generation of grandparents to celebrate their identity and get involved.

1995: Publication of “Contemporary Grandparenting,” (Sage Press) by Arthur Kornhaber M.D. – the first comprehensive textbook on grandparenting presenting new research and theories.

1996: Expansion of Networking and communication: media: Creation of web site web page on Internet. www.grandparenting.org.

1997: Expanding the idea of grandparenting beyond the biological relationship as a function for all Elders, whether or not they have biological grandchildren. Conference on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. -Established “Grandparent Productions” to promote grandparenting via film and educational and entertainment television.

1998: Media effort. Increase in networking and communication efforts with public appearances and bi-monthly appearances on national television (the NBC Today show). Dr. Kornhaber’s appearances are coordinated with the MSNBC web site and connected to the website of the Foundation For Grandparenting. -Grandparent Productions: Production of two film projects. “Click Three Times” and “Kartenspieler.”

1999: Educational initiative- Plans to increase efforts in education, communication, networking, and research. -Communication and Networking- Expansion of website www.grandparenting.org to include international advisory board. Educational Conference: Convened first-time (statewide) conference for Grandparents Of Children With Disabilities in New Mexico. -Develop film projects through Grandparent Productions. Release of “Kartenspieler” in the summer of 1999.

2000: Projects in development for the New Millenium

“Effective grandparenting,” educational video to be produced in collaboration with “Grandparent Productions.” -“Grandparents” an hour long television show. -Expand academic research. -Continue the grandparent-grandchild summer camp into its fifteenth year. -Convene a national conference for “Grandparents of Children with Special Needs” in Santa -Fe, New Mexico and other locations. -Continually improve and expand the website by including new technologies. Enlarge our international grandparent community by adding foreign URL’s. Expand interactivity of website

2002: Expand research into the effects of gay and; esbian parenthood on  their  own parents and children as grandchildren.  Publication of new book  by Dr. Kornhaber, “The Grandparent Guide” (McGraw Hill/ Contemporary Books). Summer 2002 . -Continue to expand scope and reach of website. -Continue media campaign with corporate partners who support and advocate aspects of grandparenting, ex. Shutterfly.com  and “Long-Distance Grandparenting.”  Hampton Inns.com and “Grandparents as Family Historians” with their “Grand Memories” program.

2003: The Grandparent Guide.

2004: Educating parents about the Importance of enhancing child-parent-grandparent bonds and asking grandparents for help when needed. The new book for parents. “The Grandparent Solution,” (Jossey-Bass Publishers).

2006: Continuing  consciousness-raising, dissemination of programs, media campaign, and website.

2008: Research into new “stewardship” role of grandparents.         – Development of “The Spirit of Grandparenting” project.

2009: Exploring, educating  and supporting grandparents with their  relationships with their grandchildren (and their children) who are a member of a   Gay and Lesbian couple.  Development  of stageplay,  “Nonna,” by Dr. Kornhaber This dramatic work deals with the views and experiences of all three generations in the matter of grandparent’s and grandchildren’s rights to one another.

2010: Development and performance of “The Nanas and the Papas.” A musical performance by grandparents, produced by Carol M. Kornhaber of the Foundation.. This theme of this first Nanas and Papas was longevity… The Nanas and the Papas…ain’t what we used to be. A second Nana and Papas is planned for 2011. The theme is Legacy…what we learned…what we want to leave behind. Research into stepgrandparenting.

2012: Nanas and Papas  “Legacy—what we learned and what we want to leave behind” played six performances to sell-out houses. We hope to make the DVD available to grandparents all over the country so they  may replicate the show in their communities, using local grandparent talent. A professional troupe of “Nanas and Papas,” is currently being organized to be available to perform nationally. .

2013: “Nonna,” a new play by Dr. Arthur Kornhaber, deals with the issue of grandparents separated from their grandchildren by parents. The play did a  very successful three-week run during April in  Ojai, California. Ited. is going into further development to be nationally disseminated.

4. Join The Grandparent Network!

We hope you will join us in our efforts to establish Grandparent Power — to help Elders be a force for good in the world through grandparenting.. A tax-deductible contribution will help sustain present and future research, programs, and networking activities to continue promoting the cause of grandparenting. Although we are an all-volunteer organization, funding is needed to support costs. Please join us and become a supporter of the Foundation For Grandparenting.  If you wish to support our work, send a tax-deductible donatio to the Foundation for Grandparenting, 108 Farnham Road, Ojai, CA, 93023. To be included on our mailing list,  E-mail your name and address to us at gpfound@grandparenting.org. Thanks

5. Meet Dr. Kornhaber

Dr. Arthur KornhaberArthur Kornhaber M.D. is a grandfather, clinician, researcher, medical writer, and the Founder and President of the Foundation for Grandparenting. A leading authority on the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, and architect of many intergenerational programs that are ongoing today, he directs, since 1970,  the longest ongoing grandparenting research and information project, and is the author of seven internationally recognized books and numerous articles on the topic. Dr. Kornhaber writes articles, speaks widely, and appears regularly in the media, including network morning shows (NBC, CBS etc.), to raise grandparent consciousness, and to educate people of all ages about  intergenerational and family issues and “useful” and relevant aging.

Dr. Kornhaber is a Life Fellow of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and a Life Member of the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association. As President of the Foundation for Grandparenting, he  has consulting, teaching and partnership affiliations with many organizations and agencies including the AARP, Generations United and many yother nationally recognized organizations . As a proponent of “business (and technology) in the service of the family,” he has been involved in creative planning and appeared as spokesperson for business initiatives that foster family understanding and closeness, and especially grandchild-grandparent relationships, (for example, grandparent-grandchild “Nostalgia Trips” with Hampton Inns, and “Cybergrandparenting” with Microsoft). See “The GP Foundation”  on our home page, left sidebar for details.
At times Dr. Kornhaber is available for consultations, conferences, and public addresses to appropriate groups and organizations. He can be reached by e-mail at the foundation address: gpfound@grandparenting.org.

Dr. Kornhaber’s book can be found on Kindle. Click on link below.

https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-text&field-keywords=arthur kornhaber


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