Grandparent Nicknames

Sometimes we get to decide our GRANDparent names. More often, an infant or toddler decides what we will be called for the rest our lives. We may want to be called grandma or grandpa, but we also have many other choices. We have listed Grandparent nicknames submitted by GRAND readers. Click on any of the above letters to see some of the many Grandparent nicknames. Plus, you can submit yours as well. Briefly, tell us how your nickname came to be.  Thank you! (submit nickname) (submit nickname)


grandparent nicknames

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Abba- I wanted to come up with something different because there were a lot of grandmas around. I did a search on “Grandma in different languages,” and liked Abba so that’s me to my four little ones. -Lynn

Abu- GRAND Reader

Abuela- GRAND Reader

Abuelo- GRAND Reader

Ahma-My oldest grandson could not say grandma when he was learning to talk so he called me ‘Ahma’ and I love it!! – Kathryn (Austin, TX)

Ali- sara (–)

Amma- GRAND Reader

AuntieNana– I am not a Grandmother yet but I have 2 GreatNephews and 1 GreatNiece…They call their Grandmother Nana & their Grandfather Papa…and I am their Auntie Nana…So when the time comes, I guess I will be Nana…- JP


Bumbum– That’s right! …my little grandson named me when he was 2.
Kyle is 12 now and I’m Bumbum to all 5 of my grandchildren, that’s
OK – my husband is HappyHahahahaha!

Ba– My Great grandpa’s nickname was “Ba” because my dad couldn’t
say Grandpa Claude. -Gina

Berber– When my granddaughter was starting to talk she had a name for everyone
but refused to call me anything. It was her joke. One day when I asked who I was, she was eating a cheeseburger and said “Berber”. It has stuck for 8 years and is more endearing every time I hear it. – Jennie, Louisville, KY

Bumpa– My granddaughter, Adrienne, started calling me “Bumpa” when she started to talk and still does at age 10. – Sheldon (VT)

Bumba– This was the name my son came up with for my dad, when he couldn’t
saw pronounce grandpa. – John (OH)

Buddy– My granddaughter calls me “BUDDY” (and I’m the grandmother!) – Jenise

Bubbies– My grandson was not quite two when he began calling me Bubbies.
I had always called him that name and then he decided one day that *I* was Bubbies! – Lisa

Bubbie– All 3 call me Bubbie but my husband is Zaydi – and the 3 yr old insist on calling him YaYa – for whatever reason. We love it! – Agnes

Bubbe Mae– I had a wonderful Grandma Mae who use to take her Grandchildren downtown
to the Chicago Loop and when there was still either a Marshall Field’s Restaurant or it
might have been another one that I can not remember. – Mae (Chicago, IL)

Boppa– Our oldest grandson began calling me this when he was a toddler. He is 9 years old now and still calls me Boppa along with our other 5 grandchildren. – Casey Dean

Boompa– If you watch the movie Mr Hobbs Takes a Vacation, Mr Hobbs (played by Jimmy Stewart) is called Boompa by his grandson. My grandson Calvin’s first word was Boompa when he saw me. – jeff

Boobie– I don’t know how I came up with that name for my grandmother, I just know alot of people often turned to look at us often, I guess to see if there was anything out of place.. HA! HA! – Jessica

Bob-O– My grand-daughter Amber just came up with this name, because is
could not say grandfather Bob. – Robert (ME)

Biba– When my first grandchild, Emily, was born, we called me Grammy.
One day my daughter called and said Emily (2) asked for me, but called me Biba. When she was 5, I asked her why and she said, “I didn’t really like Anderson”. – Sandra (Tyngsboro, MA)

Beppe Beppe and Pakke– Are the Frisian Dutch name for Grandma and Grandpa. Our grands have several extra sets of grandparents and I wanted to be special. – Laura

Bekbo– This is actually my own daughter’s grandmother’s nickname. The oldest
grandson in the family couldn’t say Grandma…it came out Bekbo and she’s been that ever since!  – Regina (Reggie) (Cleveland, Tn)

Bee– When I was very young I couldn’t pronounce my grandmothers last name, and mine, and somehow shortened it to “Bee” and it stayed that. – Barbara

Bebop– When my daughter was just learning to speak Bebop was the best she could do for Grandpop. It stuck, all the cousins now say Bebop. – Joyce

BeBe– I was supposed to be MiMi, but my grandson pronounced me Be Be – Tina

Bebe– When my grandson was a baby we were in awe and were always saying to him ” how’s my baby” “oh I love my baby” he would mimic us but his interpretation came out bebe instead,
pronounced beybey… He’s 10 years old now and still calls for his bebe..
– Fran

Beanies– My Great grandma’s nickname was “Beanies” because my dad couldn’t say Grandma Ruby. She just passed before her 100th birthday. My kids were able to know their own great-great-grandma! – Gina

Bannie– When my granddaughter, Mikalah, began talking at age 11 months, I tried to teach her to say Grammie. However, her favorite character on t.v. was Barney, so Grammie came out as Bannie. I’ve had to explain my odd nickname many times over to others. – Sylvia

Bampy The Bampster- I was trying for grampy but he never said it. It’s OK I gave him a nickname too! – Mark

Bamma– My youngest granddaughter has called me this since she was a toddler. – Barbara

Ba-Maw– The kids started it! It was the way our first grandson said ‘Grandma”, and it has stuck! – Dorothy

Bama & Bampa– When our grandson was just starting to talk, he called us ‘Bamma
& Bampa.’ For Christmas 2004, I had a storybook printed for him ~ he was the star of the story, along with his Bamma & Bampa! It’s a fun way for us to remember when he called us that – Barb & Tim (IA)

Bakka– My son tried to say grandpa, and got bakka – it stuck and now he’s 3 1/2. set the standard for his younger brother.

Baka– Our last name is Croatian and the Croatian word for Grandma is “Baka”.
– Kathy (Manchester, MO)

Babcia– We called my Mom’s mom the Polish version of grandma.
– Carolyn (MD)

Babah– I was so intrigued by my name that I wrote a story and gave to my
granddaughter for a keepsake.
– Debbie (IN)

BaBa– Our daughter adopted a 5 year old from Bulgaria. She is now 15 and so beautiful. She has always called me BaBa, which is grandmother in Bulgarian, and now two of our other grandchildren do. The others call me GranJan.
– Jan (Fripp Island,, SC)

Ba– My Great grandpa’s nickname was “Ba” because my dad couldn’tsay Grandpa Claude.
– Gina

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More GRANDparent Names We Heard:

Big Dad
Big Momma









CeeBee Missy – translated into ceebee in toddler language – missy

ChaCha – Don’t know how I came to be “ChaCha”, but I love it!!!!! – Chris (Romeoville, Illinois)

Chotjiok – My grandfather’s nick name is Chotjiok. He died many years ago and he was a very nice man. He had eight wives. He never fought with them. He taught us to be independent for our selves. We are now call our children with his name as his remembering. – Deng

Ci-Ci –  My husband is 37, and I am 46, so we are young for grandparents, so my nickname is CiCI(pronounced SeeSee), and my husband is PopS.  There ya go.  I also have a friend who is a KK; she is also a young grandmother.  Her name is Kelly, so that worked for her.  XiXi is a cute X gma name, just for the record.


Cookie – I wanted a name that when all my grandkids were together, I was called the same name by all. There’s no confusion about who Cookie is. Plus, they just might think of me at snacktime! My mom was “Buggy” to my kids and it was so fun! – Terry (Marion, IA)

CoolPop – The first grand child came up with this because she got o’pop the name we were going to use mixed up and called him CoolPop and it has always stuck. We love it cause it fits his personality. – Dianne (Culpeper, VA)

Crampy – GRAND Reader

Crapa – GRAND Reader


D-Boy – At age 2, my granddaughter made up this name for me and it stuck. She is almost 10 and still call me that. – John

D-Daddy – Bill (Huntsville, AL)

Da – Renee

Dad-Dad – GRAND Reader

Dadu – We do not know where Lexy came up with this special name but we like to think it means “Dad Two”! – JOE (FL)
Daddy Bill – As the grandchildren came along and made the association with my father’s name which was also their uncle’s name, he became Daddy Bill to distiguish from Uncle Bill. Now just about everyone knows him as Daddy Bill. – Judith (xx)

Dah – When my oldest granddaughter, Amanda, began to talk, she could not say Grandma. I guess Ma sounded like Dah to her so that is what she called me. Her sisters called me that for a while but now call me Grandma. Sometimes Amanda still calls me Dah, even though she is 11 years old. I love it! It makes me feel special to have my very own name. – Janice (Lees Summit, MO)

Dammy Given – By grandaughter in place of Grammy which her brother named me. – Glenda (FL)

Dammms – My grandson couldn’t do the “G” sound so he called me Dammms which to him is “Grams” as his brother calls me. – Joy

Danny – Mary (Montreal, QC)

Dapa – For the Grandpa who has to be “Dad & Grandpa”

DeeDa – Brenda

Deedee – I wanted to be called Grandma-D (because my name is Debi), but when my grandson would try to say it – it came out DeeDee and it stuck! For 10 grandkids now! – Debi (UT)

DebDeb – My grandchildren are blessed to have 2 sets of grandmothers, of which I am one of them . Our names are both Deborah which is confusing, so I am DebDeb,and Deborah# 2 is called Nana. I think I got the better nickname. – Deborah (Pittsburgh, Pa.)

Ding Ding – My first grandson (now 2) could not say “grammy”, but for some reason came out “ding ding”. The ‘other’ grandma came out dumb dumb. So I really don’t mind. I LOVE it, even though he can now say ‘grammy’, I will always be ‘ding ding’. – Joanne  


Eebaw – GRAND Reader

Emmy – My daughter didn’t want my granddaughter to call me Grammy so….Emmy was the only nickname that i ever had and it was given to me by my late Father. Not only sweet but touching i think. – Mary (Halifax, Ma)

Ebi and Oji – Our entire family are ardent sushi fans and we liked the Japanese word “Oji” for Grandfather. However, Grandmother in Japanese was too difficult so we came up with “Ebi” which is actually Sushi shrimp and it works great! – Carol

EE – My first and only grandchild,evan, calls us ee and pop…the first time he said it my heart overflowed… – Elaine (TX)


Fella – Frauna I have twin three-year-old granddaughters, and while they could both say ‘grandma’, Abby one day started calling me “Frauna.” I loved it then and I love it now! she calls her other grandma “nonnie”, so we each have our own name. – Pam (Akron, OH)

Fi Fi – My aunt (only 8 yrs. my senior) called my grandfather DaDa, which I so aptly pronounced “Fa Fa”, and eventually evolved into Fi Fi (sounds like “popeye”. – Clint

grandparent nicknames

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G – Sandra (Tucson, AZ)

Gaga Jan (IL)

Gam ma – Marci (PA)

Gamma/Gampa – Tammy/Ken

Gammie – Heather

Gammy – GRAND Reader

Gammy Rays – Sally

GAR – susan

Gagu  – My granddaughter started calling me “Gagu” for grandma, which I need to say that I have come to love the name because it is so unique.  Just hearing her call me Gagu makes me feel so proud that it is me and no one else who has that name!  (Elaine, Fla)

GG – Is for Great Grandma.  My youngest grandson was 4 when the first grand was born.  We were very close and he said the new baby could not call me grandma…only he could.  Our family was five generations of women then with my mom and mom-in-law being called Mom Mom and Nana, me Grandma to the grands and now GG to the great grands.



GeGe – Linda Gigi

Ginger– (Carmel, IN)

GiGi– Rosemary

Gi-Gi– GRAND Reader

Gima– Yvette (Monrovia, California)

G-Ma– Sandi

G-Mom and P-Pop – Patricia (IL)

Gpaw Matt– Matt Gram – GRAND Reader

Grama – Cathy (IL)

Grama Happy– Kathy (TX)

Gramma – GRAND Reader

Gramma – Kerry

Gramma & Gregpa – Susan (Lyford, TX)


Grammie – Beverly (CA)

Grammie – Pat (Commerce Township, MI)

Grammie – Carol (Lakeland, FL)

Grammie – Kathy (Clermont, FL)

Grammy – Gloria

Grammy – GRAND Reader

Grammy – Debbie

Grammy – Mary (Rhinelander, WI)

Gramom – Joyce Grampa

Gramps – GRAND Reader

Grampy – GRAND Reader

Gramster – Sheila

Grand Pa – Denis Grandma – Yvette (Monrovia, California)

Grandma – Donna (Cleves, OH)

Grandma – GRAND Reader

grandma – Genene (Westland, MI)

Grandmere – GRAND Reader

Grandmere – French for Grandmother  – Christine (St. Petersburg, FL)

Grandpa – GRAND Reader

Grandpap– Lou Grandpee

Grandpere – GRAND Reader

Grandpere – Jonathan (St. Petersburg, FL)

Grandpuss – Marge Malloy

Granmam – Catherine Granna

Granna – Debbie (Owensboro, Kentucky)

Granna – P

Granana – for my new great-grandchildren, since i am already Nana to my grandchildren.

Granny – GRAND Reader

Granny – Heather

Granny – Una (Nepean, Ontario)

Granny Lou – Louise (BC)

GrannyJanny – Jan

Granny-Nanna – Destiny (BC)

Grapapa – Great- grandfather name since grandchildren call him Papa

Grumpma – Valerie (Long Beach, CA)

Grumppa – Christine (St. Petersburg, FL)

grumpy – Bill (Dalhart, TX)

Gunkle – GRAND Reader

Gunga – My oldest grandson, now 8, calls me Grandma, but during times of excitement still reverts to his childhood name for me Gunga. My younger grandson introduces me as “My Mothers Mother”. – Lorraine Gucky – I believe this name is the result of my grandson trying to say Grandma and Cookie at the same time, and it came out Gucky. His momma liked it so it stuck…I even have it on my license plate now. – Mavis (MN)

Gubby – My first grandchild, a boy, dubbed me Gubby, his version of Grandma. I was happy he didn’t say Tubby! His younger sister picked up the name, but my other 2 grandkids, from another child, prefer calling me Grandma Jill. So I have 2 names. – Jill (NJ)

Grumpy – I’m not sure who enjoyed the nickname Grumpy more, my children or my father. He loved to make a big deal of trying to be “grumpy” to live up to the name. – Catherine (Mississauga, Ontario) Grumps – Our two precious grandchildren Bryce and Brynna call my husband Grumps and me Granny. They always have a smile on their faces when they call his name! – Pat (AL)

GRRR-MAMA – My king of my heart could not pronounce grandma and kept calling me mama.I said to him “now Siah say it like me grr..andma ” He belted out. “GRRRMAMA!” – Julie (OR)

Gree – My first grandchild was born 18 years ago. He had great-great,great,and grandparents from both his Mother and Father’s side. One day he looked at me and called me “GREE” and seven grandchildren later, that name has been a wonderful word. – Betty

Grantma When my first born grandchild was born, very early in his life I was holding him and thinking. His name is Grant, and I am Grant’s grandma…I’m Grantma. He is almost 3 now and he says Grantma as clear as a bell. – Cheryl (VA)

Gray – My first grandson started by calling me “Gray-ma” which, in time was shortened to “Gray” by ALL the grandkids. – Mary (FL)
Granny Ree and Granny Rah My mom’s name is Marie (Ree) and my mother in law is Mira (Rah). My mother chose “Granny” because she thought Grandma was too old sounding, but we use Ree and Rah to delineate which one the kids are talking about. – Gina

Granny – When my granddaughter asked me why I was called “Granny” I told her that when I was a little girl my “Granny” was my favorite person whom I only saw a few times year. She would always bring us treats and spend time with us . Anybody can be a grandmother but only special people can be a “Granny” – Eleanor

Granmaw & Granpaw – My grandkids live near Kentucky and have picked up the long “aw” sound native to Kentucky and I think it sounds so cute to hear them say “Granmaw and Granpaw.” – Marliss & Ken

GranJan – My grandchildren have a Grandma Jean, so my daughter-in-law suggested GranJan, and I love it! My grandma was the French MÃMÃ. – Jan (Kennesaw, GA)

Grangry – This was my grandfather’s nickname, the result of the first grandchild’s early attempt to say “grandfather.” It stuck through 22 grandchildren. – Beth

Grandy – A friend of mine tried to have her granddaughter call her Grandy but she never learned to pronounce it so it never caught on. I was determined to have my granddaughter call me Grandy – and she does! – Helen (NY)

Grandpop – I had a Grandma and Grandpa and a Grandma and Grandpop. It was easy to tell the grandfathers apart but the grandma’s were hard. So we added their surnames to it. My kids were spared that by having Grandma and Grandad Nanny and Poppy. – Kim (xx)

Grandpappy – One of my twelve grandchildren, a 15 year old, at her birthday party several years ago; was acting as a teenager and called me “Grandpappy”. I thought it was cute and original. Now other grandkids now have picked up on the name. Each one is spec – Wes GRANDPA-BO -FAMPA GRANDPA-B0-FAMPA BECAME MY HUSBANDS NICKNAME BY ASSOCIATION OF WHAT I SAID. CHARMAINE IS A NONBIOLOGICAL GRANDCHILD BUT VERY MUCH A GRANDCHILD OF OUR HEARTS.SHE MAKES GRANPA LAUGH ALOT IN ALL WAYS – RALPH

Grandpa – Shayne This is my nickname as and author on my website and other places on the web. My grandchildren simply call my “Grandpa”. – Shayne (Montgomery Village, MD) Grandpa Clickie Our youngest grandaughter couldn’t say “Grandpa Cliffie” as the others. She called me “Clickie” and it stuck! – Cliff Grandpa Claus I had a beard when when my first wave of grandchildren were born and when they asked me what I did, I told them that I helped Santa Claus in delivering gifts to all of the children on Christmas. In fact, my oldest grandson on grandparent’s day told his class that his grandfather worked for Santa Claus The name has stuck ever since. – Manny

Grandpa Claus – I had a beard when when my first wave of grandchildren were born and when they asked me what I did, I told them that I helped Santa Claus in delivering gifts to all of the children on Christmas. In fact, my oldest grandson on grandparent’s day told his class that his grandfather worked for Santa Claus The name has stuck ever since. – Manny

GrandmaSherman – Shermaan was the name of my cat, my granddaughter loved him because unlike her cats she could hold and cuddle mine, so to distingish me from her other Grandma she called me this. – Laurel

Grand-mummy My grandson Michael started saying “Grand-mummy” without any prompting. It was so special because it came from him not because we told him to say it. – Wendy (ON)

Grandmommy – My first grandchild always called me Grandmommy, but her little brother for some reason calls me Mum Mum – I love them both. – Carol Grandmom I had always been “MOM” so when our beautiful granddaughter came along, it seemed perfect to become “GRANDMOM”. Our grandchildren, honorary grandchilren, and their friends have reserved that name for me. I love it! – Millie (MI)

Grandmom – Two of my grandkids call us grandmom and grandpop..the other two grandma and grandpa…they all can call me anything they want…I will answer! – Mary GrandMary It started out to be GrandMere but morphed into GrandMary and I love it. – Mary (CA)

Grandma – Jean – Jean Grandmammy My children call their step grandmother *grandmammy* – Cathy (NY)

Grandmama – I was determined to be called Grandma instead of the Southern Granny. My first granddaughter said Gamama and I decided I liked it. As she could talk plainer she said Grandmama. The others all followed her lead. – Jacque (TN)

GrandMAMA – Recently, I became a GREATGrandmother!!! Now, I am called GrandMAMA!!! I love being called Grandmama. It is so different from any other GreatGrandmother that I know…It is so wonderful being a GreatGrandmother….I really enjoy my precious babies!!! – Mary (Providence, RI)

Grandmama – Well my oldest grandbaby is only a yr old and the youngest is 9 months not saying much now, but when they were born I said how is Mama’s baby it did not sound right and so I called myself Grandma and it like no, so It’s Grandmama. – Pamela (Clarksville, TN)

Grandma-ish – As a step great grandma who had never been called anything but Sandy before I wanted a nickname without stepping on the toes of the”Grands.” So I am Grandma-ish (meaning “sort of”). – Sandra (Tucson, AZ)

Grandma/Grandpa or Grandma Karen/Papa – For the Grandchildren that live with us it’s Grandma and Grandpa but the other grandchildren call us Grandma Karen and Papa. I wanted something different than what I had called my Gr-Grandparents and Granparents so we went back to the basics. – Karen (Muldrow, OK)

Grandma Weeze – And sometimes just “Weezie” I love it because my mom had told me that my older brother introduced me to the neighbors as “Weezie” when I was born and my favorite uncle used to call me “Weezie.” – Louise (Midland Park, NJ)

Grandma tippy – My oldest grandson named me after our now deceased dog, Tippy to define me from his Grandma Cindy. – Diane (Wyoming, MN)

Grandma the Betsy – My grandchildren’s other grandma is named McGay. In contrast to their Grandma McGay (say it fast), I became known as Grandma The Betsy. – Betsy (Patchogue, NY)

Grandma Sonja – When my grandchildren were very small, they visited us quite often. As an educator, I often worked with them on mathematics, reading, etc. As a result, they began to call me “Grandma Equals”. I changed it to Grandma Sonja! – Sonja

Grandma Punkin – Ever since my little Granddaughter, Maddie was born, one of the pet names I called her was Punkin. One time I called her Love. She said “No, I’m Punkin”. She is now three and calls me Grandma Punkin. – Bernice (Orem, Utah)

Grandma Michigan – I have 3 grandchildren living in Virginia . They have grandparents living 2 houses away from thier house . My son asked them if they’d like to talk to me on the phone because i live in Michigan , so far away . They now call me Grandma Michigan . – Lynda (Midland, Michigan)

Grandma Kit – My first-born grandchild, Joseph, started to call me this because everytime his parents would be getting him ready to come for a visit they would ask him if he wanted to go visit Grandma and Kit (my pom). Which he took to be my name, Grandma Kit. – Sheila

Grandma Joyce – My grandchildren in arizona call me Grandma Joyce because all the other grandma names in the family were taken and they wanted to personalize it…:_) – Joyce

GRANDMA JEANIE – Some of my great-grandchildren have several grandmothers so when I was asked what I prefer to be called by my first great-grandchild I chose Grandma Jeanie because I like my name and I thought it would be easy for a little child to pronounce. – JEAN (JEANIE) (FL)

Grandma Honey – Our lil Joey is living with us and he hears his paw paw call me honey so now I am known as Grandmaw Honey….just wonderful…hopefully he will always think of me this way! – Kathy (Crestview, Fl)

Grandma Grape When we were young, my sister and I used to call my Great-grandmother the backwards-and-warped “Grandma Grape.” It stuck through adolescence into adulthood. We shared a warm chuckle about this in her last illness. This brings great memories. Thx – Jeff (IN)

Grandma from Mars When my oldest grandson was about 2 or so he started calling me grandma from marrs (due to part of my name). The first time he said this I just laughed and told him “honey it just seems that way some times”. My nickname stuck. – Vanessa

GRANDMA BOOKS – Each time we would visit our granddaughter Bekah, now 9, I would come with an armload of picture books. Bekah would greet me at the door with, “Grandma Books is here!” The name stuck so it became my email address, too. – PHYLLIS (AZ)

Grandma Fro – We call my Grandma this because of her curly hair. – Jennifer (NV) Grandma Dumpster My 2 year old grandson called his grandparents by the name of there animals, my cats names was dumpster. And it stuck ever since – Brenda

Grandma C – Even though I am my grandson Collin’s only grandmother,I am called Grandma C; because my last initial didn’t change even after I re-married. So it seemed appropriate. – Beth Ann (PA)

Grandma – When my first grandaughter was born and my 1st grandson i wanted to be called grandmommy,that lasted a short time . Now i have two of each and they call me grandma and thats justfine!!!! – Cathy (TX)

Grandma – I loved my Grandma Ida and as a mother I thought ahead to the days when I would also be a “Grandma” and to the name I wanted to live up to. Now that I have my grandson Riley, “Grandma” reminds me to be a grandparent that she would be proud of. – Christy (Sylvester, GA)

GranDiva – I felt I was too young to be called the typical Grandmother or NaNa. Of course others would not agree with me (smile) so because I like the name diva my friends started calling me GranDiva when they knew my daughter was having a child. – Layna (Detroit, MI)

Gramom – Over the hill When my 2 year old granson answered my phone call his Mom asked him which Gramom was on the phone. After giving it thought he said “Gramom over the hill” since we lived just over the hill from his family.It stuck until they moved to a new home. – Joyce Grandie

Gig – My first grandchild had difficulty saying Grandie, so she called me Gigi, but pronounced it as “Giggee”. This is very different from the French Zee-zee (GiGi). – Jerusha Grandeen

Grandad America – My 3 grandchildren live in the UK. Although I visit twice a year, and phone often, the eldest kept asking where I was. Eventually she shortened “Grandad’s in America” to Grandad America. It makes me feel like a comic book superhero. – Geoff

Gran – All 20+ grandchildren called my mom’s mother Gran, now that my mother is the grandmother her grandchildren call her Gran too… – RLS

Gran Fran – I heard of another lady with the name Fran, she had all her g.children calling her Granny Franny, I decided Gran Fran sounded better to me. My great nieces call me Gran Fran and I love it! – Fran Gran I chose “Gran” when my first grandchild was born in 1998. Children in our family have always called the grandmother “granny,” but since I was only 50 & didn’t feel like a granny yet, I felt “gran” could easily transition – Cheryle (OR)

Gramp – My father’s father was Gramp to us. And my nephews call my mother “Uma” (or “Ooma”)… Just didn’t see either on your list so I thought I’d send these in. – Rachel Peterson (NJ)

Grammie – When our daughter was pregnant with our first grandchild, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to be called…no Grandma Kay, Granny or Nana for me. I wanted something that would be unique for me. I came up with Grammie. My husband is Papa. We are blessed to have all six of our grandkids (agea 1-6) living right in the same city as us. – Kay (Rapid City, SD)

Grammie & Pop – Have a 2yr granddaughter – she has Pop down and is still working on Grammie. These were the names I called my grandparents. – Barbara (CA)

Grammy Awards – I got a kick out of my new nickname my eldest,11,gave me. Its so sweet!!! – Nancy (Palos Heights, IL)

Grammy – My 5 grandaughters call me grammy because I make them blankets and they call them grammy-mades..i love it – Patty

Grammie – I’m a very first grandma and just returned from Phoenix,seeing my granddaughter being born. The day before I had to leave I was holding my 11 day old granddaughter & she smiled and touched grammie’s face. What a heart melter. – Carol (FL)

Grammie Lizziem – My 6 yr old grandaughter just started calling me “grammie”. I have no idea why! – Shelley (NE)

Gramma “L” – My grandbabies were confused when they figured out they had 2 gramma’s, so to make each one of us special, my daughter started them with Gramma “L” and Gramma “Betty”. I love hearing it come out of their little mouths. – Lorna (SC)

Gramma Sami – The name of my pet. It distinguishes the other “gramma JR” from me. – Betty (IL)

Gramma Patti – Because my mother is also close to eh kids she is gramma elaine – Patti Gramma Fay Between grands & great grands, we were running out of names. With Baby J and his parents living with me, I have the advantage of asking him all the time…”who’s your favorite?” At 6 weeks he clearly has no favorite but it made a catchy na – Julie (CT)

Gramma Bitsy – My beautiful grandchildren are lucky to have 4 grandmothers (modern blended family) so I needed something to distinguish me from the others. My grandson found the way. He loved my verson of Itsy Bitsy Spider. – Penny

Grama weezy – Of my 20 grandchildren the twin boys and there father,my son inlaw gave me the nick name, I love it. or 7 great grands so far. – Louise gramie Its Gramie this week but changes all the time. They are 4 and 5. – helen louise prokos gramgram for somereason when first talking names were said twice and it stuck – KG

Gra’mere or Gra’meme – Read Eleanor Roosevelt’s grandson’s book, “Grandmere” when Ryan was born and since I’m his Dad’s stepmother, this worked out well for everyone !! – Ival

Gramcracker – My oldeest grandchild started calling me gramcracker and it has stuck she is now 21 and now my youngest grand child calls me that at times but she says mostly just grammy and my grandson its grams – Erdina

Gramary – My son’s stepchildren had a hard time calling my young husband Granddaddy, but soon had a name for me. The first time we visited them they greeted me with shouts of Gramary! My husband was “Some guy!” 3 years later he’s Granddaddy; I’m still Gramary. – Mary (West Melbourne, FL)

Gram – I chose it since it is easy to say, write and spell. I am retired kindergarten teacher…can you tell? – Barbara GPTree I am happy to be a member of the Grand Magazine family. I am a Grandparent, and I am an advertiser in the magazine that maybe my ad will help other grandparents and their grandkids, like it is helping my grandkids and myself. You all are invited. – Robert (Sun Prairie, Wisconsin)

Grah – Even though my granddaughter is 4 years old now and well able to say Grandma she insists I am “Grah” and always will be!! – Julienne G-Pa Our 17 year old son came up with this name. My wife is called Gi-Gi, short for Grandma Gail and I couldn’t think of a name I liked for myself to be called. – Mel

Gomma and Gompa – We wanted very much for our first grandchild to name us. When our granddaughter began talking, her attempts to say “Grandma” and “Grandpa” became “Gomma” and “Gompa”. We love our special names! – Diane and Gary (TX)

Gmom rose – It started out as MomMom, but as my granddaughter grew into a teenager, that wasn’t cool anymore, and one day she introduced me to her friends as Gmom Rose, but she reverts back went her friends aren’t around – Rose (Gloucester City, New Jersey)

Gogeo – Our son attempted to say Grandpa but it always came out “Gogeo” He’s 12 now and still calls his grandfather this! – james Goatse my middle grandson, saying “grampy”, or “granpoppy” has become closer to something resembling “goatse” – Geoffrey (W. Caulfield, ID)

Gaga – My darling grandaughter started calling me ga ga instead of gramma and it stayed shes a beautiful 4 yr old today. thank you. – cheche (PA) Gamma My granddaughter Alison couldn’t pronunce the ‘r’ in grandma so it became gamma. Now that she can pronouce it, it’s Grandma. I’m very proud to be called Grandma. I wonder what I’ll be called when my 5 month old grandson starts talking – Barb (Coshocton, Ohio)

Gamma – We tried to get our 3 1/2 year old grandson, Cameron, to say “Gramma” but he just couldn’t say his “R” so it ended up being “Gamma” – Patti Gaa Gaa My grand daughter just called me this and her grandfather Goo Goo. – Marge (PA)

GA GA TAM – Due to the inability for the little grand kids to pronounce the big world like Grandma…and all other names were taken in the family like MeMa and Nana…that’s the story, I love being called Ga Ga Tam – Tamara (Pembroke Pines, Florida)

Gammy and Poppy – My oldest grandchild could not say Grandma and Grandpa, she didn’t talk till she was 3. Gammy and Poppy was the best she could do, and it’s been more than good enough for us and the 8 grands that have followed her. – Beth (NY)

Gamma & Betta – My first grandson came up with these clever names for his grands… We don’t know where or why he calls us that. Now all the grands call us Gamma & Betta. We LOVE it!!! – Michelle

Gammie or Gammieo – Our grandson called my hubby GaGa but changed to Grampa but Gammeie will be forever. – Jean GA

Gagee Gaguu – As our first Granddaughter was trying to say Grandmama it became “GA”. Now our third Granddaughter has added a touch of her own personality to it, so now I am Gagee or Gaguu! Love them all!!! – Lee

Gammie – I don’t want to be called, “Grandma or Granny”! My mother is “Nanan”. I would like to be called, “Grammie” but I know the “R sound” isn’t the easiest sound for a little one to learn, so our family calls me, “Gammie”, which I love! – Maeda (Denver, PA)

Genny – My grandson started calling me this as soon as he could talk and it has stuck!! I don’t know for how long, since his friends are starting to ask him, “What’s a Genny?” I happen to love it!! – Theresa Gibby We were trying to get my grandson Jonathan to call me Grammy. One day he just started to call me Gibby. Nancy from Orlando. – Nancy

Ghanga – When my grandson was a year this was all he could manage. My car became the Ghangamobile! – Julienne Gigi I don’t want to be called “grandma” or “grandmother” – Angie Gleber my children call their step grandfather *grandpappy* – Cathy

G.J. – This name is short for Grandma Judy – Judy G. G. My oldest grandson couldn’t say Grandma but he would call me G. G. I now have 7 grandkids and I’m G. G. to all 7. – Chris G MOM The G stands for my first name Gayle and for grand – Gayle (NC)

Giggy – (sounds like ziggy) It was our oldest grandson’s first word. It was given to me because I baby-sat full time. – Marian G Diddy My precious Maddie calls me G Diddy in tribute to my homeboy P Diddy! – Mike

Glammy – Scheduled 2 months apart, MY children had children the SAME DAY 11/11/2004. So I am REALLY VERY SPECIAL. GLAMMY comes from selling Estee Lauder and being a Glamorous Granma! – Debbie

Ginny – When my first grandchild was born, I decided to become Granny. As Hannah began talking, she had trouble with the “r” and would call me Ganny which evolved into Ginny. Now I’m Ginny to five (and some of their friends). – Janet (Little River, KS)

Ginger – My first grandchild christened me, Ginger, not for my red hair, but for my sheepdog. Gingers in doggie heaven now and I remain her namesake. Better than what they call their other grandmother, Grandma-With-the-White-Hair. – Bonnie

Galbunky – My grandson was having a hard time understanding why he didn’t have a mother (absent parent) so I tried to explain to him the best way I could about his mother and he said don’t worry g-ma Ill call you mama which means both. – Rose (Nowata, Oklahoma)

GAGGISS – My first grandchild, Anthony – could not say Grandma, hence Gaggiss (short “a” sound) some how came to be. I had to create a way to spell it. Now I have five and they all call me the same. I find it very endearing and don’t mind it one bit. – DONNA

Gaggie – My 3 year old grandaughter couldn’t say grandma, so she has always called me gaggie. I love it. The rest of them call me grandma, but she has always stayed with gaggie. – Dawn (Largo, Fl)

Gagee – My name was created by attempting to say Grandma and Momie. – Anita

Gaga – My grandaughter, Scarlett, calls me Gaga. Her brother, John, called my husband Popuck when he was little. We don’t know where it came from. – Joanne (South Euclid, Ohio) GAGA This is the name all the grandchildren called my Grandfather & Grandma was Ma – Caryll (BC)

GANDEE – This was a no-brainer for me…grandma DeeDee was tooooo long!! So, GranDee was perfect for the babies!! – DEEDEE

GoGo – I don’t know why. 🙂 – Connie G’ma RoRo G’ma stands for Grandma RoRo, because my first grandchild, who is now 12yrs old, had 2 sets of Grandparents, 3 sets of Great Grandparents, so we came up with a way to distinguish who was who – Rosalie (NY)

G-maw – Our 21 old twin grandsons started calling me this after they started college – Margaret (KY)

Gram – This is what I called my gramma – Lana (BC)

Gramaria – My name is Maria.  My oldest grandson named me Gramaria. All my grandkids and all their friends call me that.

Gigi grandma – One day I tried to teach my granddaughter how to say grandma gloria. She could not, or would not say it. She pointed to me with her little finger and said gigi, I said, ok, gigi grandma sound good to me. So all my grandchildren call me gigi grandma or grandma gigi. Love it. – Gloria

Gee-ko – My beautiful granddaughter, called me gee-ko for the first five years of her life, I just loved it, because she didn’t say grandma; aren’t granddaughter’s great! Ge Ge Ma Some of grandchildren who are of Native American descent refer to me by Ge Ge Ma which means grandmother in their language. – Sylvia

Geeeeema &Gumpa geeeema and gumpa – Is just what she spit out for the first time and we love it!! (better than our original names lol…)Being a grandparent is awesome 🙂 – Brenna (IN)

Gampy – He wanted to be called Gramps,so I guess It is close enough – Norman (KY)

Gan and Gandy– Looking for a nickname for myself, Name not needed until June, but I want to have some input into the name not use just whatever comes out of his/her mouth when they look at me. I called my grandparents Gan and Gandy. I love Gan for me. – Kim (Lexington, KY)


Hama – As much as we tried to get Aubrey to say “grandma”, she’d say “Hama”. The nickname stuck. Maybe the nickname is fitting – I am a little over weight. It’s a wonderful memory. Bertha Urrutia. La Habra, CA – Bertha (La Habra, CA)

Hamma – My grandson could not say Grandma….rather he first said Hamma….It has endured and I love it.! He is now 4 and tells people that others are “regular” grandmas…..but, he has a Hamma. I am so in love with my two grandsons! – Collette

Hanny – These are the names my daughter came up with for my grandparents, her greatgrandparents. We always called my grandmother “Granny” due to speech problems she wound up being Hanny to my daughter. The name stuck and now we all call her Hanny. – Jessica (NC)

He Maw – My grandaughter, though very smart, spoke when she was darn good and ready. Sometimes she can’t be bothered to use the proper consonant for the word she tries to pronounce and so Grandma became He Maw. – Debbie

Hey-Hey – I was named Hey-Hey by my grandson Noah, who is now 4. It probably derived from my always yelling “hey, hey” to him whenever I would see him again. From my youth, “hey, hey” was a phrase used by the Chicago Cubs broadcaster for great p – H. Steven (WI)

Hi Fee – I think it was a combination of “Hi” and “Fred” and it seems to have stuck. – Genasiy (San Francisco, CA) HiMom This is what I called my grandmother. As a young child when this lady came to visit my father (her son) would say “Hi Mom”. I guess at age 3 or so I thought this was her name, and it stuck. – John (FL)

Hippo – My daughter, Mia, tried to say “Grandpa”; it sounded to me like “Hippo”. Sharing my father’s sense of humor, I “helped” it stick! . “Hippo” has stuffed, ceramic, handmade…hippos. She’s 25 and we still “love” the name. – Michaelle

Hippygrandma – When my grandson was 13 he asked what era I grew up in. I told him durning the hippy movement. he asked did you smoke the big pipe? I could not lie, yes I did. Great time to talk about drugs and how it can harm you. Talk to your grandkids about it. – Anna (MI)

Honey – GRAND Reader

Honey – My daughter calls my grandfather, her greatgrandpa “Honey”. His name is “Johnny” and my Granny calls him “Honey” so we think it is a combination of both names due to early speech problems. her greatgrandparents are now &quo – Jessica (NC)

Hoppy – My grandson couln’t say poppy right away so I became hopppy hes three now and I’m still “hoppy” – Tim

Hot Ticket – This is what my g-kids call me – Bella Hunk or Hunky My nickname is Hunk or Hunky. Emory, my oldest grandson made it up and we don’t know why. My 1 year old will call me the same. I just love it because it came from Emory’s heart! By the way, I had picked out Sweet Mama for my nickname. – Bonnie (Kittrell, N.C.)

Huththa – Bab Ice Cream Gra Don’know where the nickname orginated- cards come from grandchildren addressed that way. Postman laughs. One of my favorite gifts -Christmas tree ornament – an ice cream cone “enjoy & appreciate what we have today because tomorrow it might be g – Joan (NY)


Ita – Ana


JaJa – This is the Polish name for Grampa .My 4 year old grandson loves to call me this as I called my grandparents years ago. – Ralph

Jamma – My husband and I decided we wanted Caitlin to call us G-Daddy and G-Mamma. Caitlin’s spin on those names came out Jamma for G-Mamma and GG for G-Daddy. We love our names, but not as much as we love our GRAND daughter Caitlin. – Gloria (GA)

Jimmie – I have 6 grandchildren, one only 4 days old. I can’t wait to hear what he will call me. My 1st grand calls me Gammie, my 2nd calls me Jimmie, no rhyme or reason, I’m just his Jimmie and I like it. Two of the others call me Mimi. Stay tuned. – Margaret (Gainesville, Fl)

Grandma Jellybean – My nickname is Grandma Jellybean because when the kids were small I carried a bag of jellybeans in the car and they could always grab a handfull.

Johnnie –  When my youngest grandson was little he first started calling me Granny, but somewhere along the way, he started calling me Johnnie. We think it’s because it’s my husband’s name, but he calls him ‘Paw’. – Elaine joni-macaroni

Joni Macaroni – When my first born granddaughter was very young, about 4-5 years old, we were rhyming names, since my name is joan (joanie), I said joni baloney, she said Joni Macaroni, hysterically laughing, this name I have had the honor of keeping for over 24yrs. – joan (MA)

Jordansmom– My son Jordan, shares his life with Natasha and her three year old daughter Madison. Our precocious treasure wanted me to know she already had a nanny – hence – Jordansmom!!!! She makes me feel so special!! – Elizabeth (NS) JuJu My daughter’s name is Joanna and she was called JoJo by numerous friends and their children, and once she had my grandson, we shortened Judy to JuJu, similar to her being called JoJo. So, I am JuJu to my grandson, and I love it! – Judy


Kitty grandma – joyce Kooma Kool Grandma – Leslie (Acton, CA)


Lala– I wanted to be known as “Abuela”. One day while shopping I wandered away. Lexy called out(1st time) to his “Lala”! People thought he was singing la,la,la,la! Much to my joy, I am also Lala to his baby brother, Zachary. – NYDIA (FL)

Lala – Lori (Kansas City, Missouri)

LeeLee – LeeAnn (TX)

LeeLo – GRAND Reader

Little grandma – My grandson Sean has called me that since he was quite small. I am five feet tall, and soon he will pass me up, and he is only seven! – Shelley (Nekoosa, Wisconsin)

Lola & Pedro– Neither name has anything to do with our names. Our last name is long and difficult to pronounce. All our favored nicknames were taken by the other grandparents. We have no idea where these names came from but we answer to them now! – Susan

Lolly– My husband chose the nickname “Pop”. I had a hard time deciding on a name because I didn’t want an “old lady” name. One day “Lolly” came to mind and since my name is close to that, my daughter loved it. She then realized that we were now “Lolly-Pop” – Audley (Youngsville, La.)

Lorenzen -When my first grandson started talking he was asked what he wanted to call each grandmother. He was given the names grandma and nana. He called his father’s mother grandma and I was named Grandma Nana because I was his best friend. – Diana



Ma & Pa– My Mom was called Ma, so my grandchildren call us Ma and Pa….so cute! Reminds us of Ma and Pa Kettle the TV show years ago! lol – Cheryl Maga – Laurel (IN)

MAH & Mammah – Sue Mama – Nancy MAMA It all started with my 10 yr old grandaughter. I was 50 yrs and felt to young to be a grandma so they started to call me MAMA. After that is is history. They all know that is my name. I love to have them just don’t call me – – Karen (Euclid,

Mama Dee My mother did not want to be a grandma or granny since she was still young and the names just didn’t fit her. My mother’s name is Deanna and her nickname was Dee so she came up with Mama Dee. We all love it. – Nancy (NM)

Mama Mary and Fi Fi -These were my grandparents Nicknames. Mama Mary obviously stemmed from Mary, (though eventually was pronounced “Ma-Mary”, and My aunt (only 8 yrs. my senior) called my grandfather DaDa, which I so aptly pronounced “Fa Fa”, and eventually evolved into Fi Fi (sounds like “popeye”. – Mary and Clint (my grandparents) Mama Mary and Fi Fi These were my grandparents Nicknames. Mama Mary obviously stemmed from Mary, (though eventually was pronounced “Ma-Mary”, and My aunt (only 8 yrs. my senior) called my grandfather DaDa, which I so aptly pronounced “Fa Fa”, and eventually evolved into Fi Fi (sounds like “popeye”. – Mary and Clint (my grandparents)

Mamie -Thanks to blended families and long lives, all the usual grand names were being used by our grandsons’ other 11 grands, so I came up with “Mamie.” My husband let the babies pick for him and he ended up being “Poopah”! – Debbie (TX)

Mamie -My sons like to call me by my first name and this rhyme so it fits well. – Amy Mamma Just her version of Gramma. – Susan (North Adams, MA)

Mamma- when my granddaughter tried to say grandma it came out mamma. My husband and I said we would be called by the name she first said. His is Oompa – Roseann

Mam-Mam is what came out of her mouth when the first great-grand started talking, and she couldn’t pronounce “Mamaw”. “Mam-Mam” is now the name by which my mother in law is called by the “greats”. She is still “Mamaw” to the “grands”. – Sharon

MamMaw Linda – Linda Mammie

Mammie & Pop- I like the “ie” version. I just found out I’m going to be a Grandmother, now for my name?!?! – Julie S Mammie Michelle (Harrisonburg, VA)

Mammy – GRAND Reader

Mamo- My grandson is 5, he has called me mamo since he was a baby, he even has my little niece Emily calling me mamo, it’s adorable. – Celia

mamo -My son loved so much anything to do with irish heritage. we were told that mamo was a short for grandma in Ireland. the little ones say it easy… Pa Pa for grandfather. – christy

mamo– My grandson is 5 and has always called me mamo. I have a 3 yr old niece who calls me mamo also, cute. – Celia Mamoo

Mamoy– This was my beloved grandmother’s nickname. She lived in Alabama, and this was the result of a two-year-old’s attempt to say “mamaw.” – Beth Mams Our precious grandbug lived with us from 6-months to 4 years. Mams was a combo of Mom (which she heard her Mom call me) Grams which was how her mom referred to me. -Ginger

Mamo- My son loved so much anything to do with irish heritage. we were told that mamo was a short for grandma in Ireland. the little ones say it easy… Pa Pa for grandfather. – christy mamo My grandson is 5 and has always called me mamo. I have a 3 yr old niece who calls me mamo also, cute. – Celia Mamoo – Ginger

Mamoy– This was my beloved grandmother’s nickname. She lived in Alabama, and this was the result of a two-year-old’s attempt to say “mamaw.” – Beth

Mams– Our precious grandbug lived with us from 6-months to 4 years. Mams was a combo of Mom (which she heard her Mom call me) Grams which was how her mom referred to me with her. When Daughter married again, a man with 4 kids and they all called me Mams. – cris (WI)

Mana –  When our first granddaughter was born, our daughter asked what grandparent names we wanted to have.  We were proud and excited to be called grandma and grandpa.  When our little Gracie was was learning to call me by a name and we were teaching her to say grandma, every time we said grandma, she said mana and she also decided on papa all on her own.  So we are now proud to say we are mana and papa and melt each time BOTH of our granddaughters call out our names!

Manna– Our 23 mo. old Grandson Joshua, (just entered Josh’s picture) calls me Mom most of the time. We try to get him to say Grandma, it comes out Manna. He can say Grandpa but prefers to call Grandpa “Papa”. He’s our pride and joy. – Lorraine

Mar Mar– It started out to be “Marmee” (from ‘Little Women’), but it sounded too much like “Mommy”, so my first grandchild started saying ‘Mar-Mar’ … and it stuck! Now I’m ‘MarMar’ to all SIX of my grandchildren! – Karen (IN)

Marmee – Buny (APO, AE)

Marnie – Annette (MD)

Marsha– One set calls me “Nannie” and the other two call me “Nonnie”. – Marsha (laurel, MD)

Ma’s and Pa’s– We are raising our beautiful

Mamaw TT-  I have been blessed to inherite my own grandmothers nickname, but due to both myself and one of the other grandmothers of my grandchildren, to help eliminate confusion we added my nickname I have being a aunt of 16 nieces & nephews which it is “Aunt TT” SO my grandbabies call me “Mamaw TT” There are no sweeter words on this earth to my ears like my grandbabies sweet voices say “awww my mamaw I wuvs u”.

Mar Mar- It started out to be “Marmee” (from ‘Little Women’), but it sounded too much like “Mommy”, so my first grandchild started saying ‘Mar-Mar’ … and it stuck! Now I’m ‘MarMar’ to all SIX of my grandchildren! – Karen (IN)

Mawmaw I have 5 grandkids 4 girls 1 boy but there is 3 sets of grandparents, so the kids picked this for me and PawPaw for my husband, others are gramma, and granny – lucy (AL)

Mawmaw – GRAND Reader

Mawmine Mawmine – my wonderful grandson started calling me this around 2 years of age. He never called me anything before then. None of the family can figure out where he got it since I was always referred to as Grandma. But…I LOVE it! It’s unique & creative! –  Shar

May-May I be Grandma with Brenna and Abree, but went Tovi came along she gave me a new name of May-May and I love it!!! – Lori (KS)

Me Maw – Barbara MeeMa & PeePa My grandson Trentino calls us this and we just love it. I have another grandchild on the way… Wonder what that baby will call us? – Roseann MeeMaw That’s what my baby cousin calls her grandmother 🙂 – Chae

MeeMaw- It’s the nickname my daughters call my mother. My oldest tried to say Grandmaw – but it sounded like MeeMaw and it stuck. My youngest daughter is expecting my first grandbaby and I’m considering Mere from the French word Grandmere. – Claire MeeMaw – cynthia (mercerburg, pa)

MeeMaw – cynthia (mercerburg, pa) MEE-MAW Little Bit Of Mee-Mee and a little of Mommy…from Zack at 21/2 years old! – Tammy (FL)

MeeMe- My grandson started calling me Grammy but he couldn’t say this so now he calls me MeeMe and my daughter made up the spelling. – Byrla (FL)

Mee-mom- Was suppossed to be grammom but first grandchild said Mee-mom & it stuck (mommie) backwards) – Carole Mem & Pep Hoping to make it a little easier for our grandchildren by using the short version of Memere & Pepere. There are 2 sets of great-grandparents who are already referred to as Memere & Pepere. – Diane (Manchester, NH)

Mema– It just happened I am not sure why but I love it. I even have personalized license plate on my car 4UMEMA how cool is that. – Rebecca (Strasburg, OH)

Mema – GRAND Reader Mema & Bigdaddy My grandmother was Italian and was called Mema while my grandfather was called Bigdaddy which was his father’s grandname. – Nancy (NM)

Mema and Papa– My first grandson at age 2 could not say Grandma. He named me Mema and my husband was always Papa. They never tried to say Grandpa. The other grandparents wanted Grand Mom and Grand Dad. Now they are “San Mom” and Grand Dad. That is what stuck. – Karen (Carrollton, TX)

Mema and Papa– Not sure how it came about but Mema is what they call me and I got a new van to drive and my license plate reads 4UMEMA (for you Mema). It gets alot of looks especially when Papa is driving. – Becky (OH)

Mema and Papa– My wife came from a background that Mema or Memaw menat Grandma. The grandkids form our youngest and our second oldest are the only ones that call us that. To the other two set we are grandma and grandpa. She has passed but she still is Mema to us all – Paul (FL) MEMA SHORT FOR MOMMIE MEMMA IS MOMMIE BACKWARDS – CHARLENE

Memae’– Our goal when we were Grandparents-To-Be was to find a grandparent name that suited us, and to limit any confusion, not to duplicate any Signature names that family members already went by. We’re now & forever….Memae’ & Pepae’ – Yvonne (Anson, ME)

Memama– This was for my paternal grandmother when I was pre-adolescent. I was the first grandchild. Later on, my cousins just called her “Grandmama,” so I eventually followed. But my father always affectionately called her “Memama” in reference to her grandparent status, so she must have liked the nickname. – Martin

memaul & pappap – Paula (PA)

Memaw – Jerri Memaw & Pepaw – Liz (FL)

MeMe – Marie meme my granddaughter called me ,,meme when she started talking.. but everyone got mad because she called me meme.. me i love it and still do.. and now when i get to see my grandson,, well i took care of them both since thay were born now i can not see hi – cathy meme – teresa MeMe It started out Gramme but since they could not say it, MeMe it was, and sometimes Meem’s for short. – Shirley (Eldersburg, MD)

meme – nancy (Dalhart, TX)

MeMe – Shirley (Eldersburg, MD)

Memere– This is French for grandmother. My husband is pepere. My mom-in-law is granmemere. – Marion

Memere and Papa– In French Canadian families the names would be Memere and Pepere, put my father is still alive, so we changed it to Papa – MaryAnn and Gary (RI)

Memme– Raylee’s mother (my daughter) still calls me mommy so Raylee picked up on it and changed it to memme. – JO

Memmie – Margaret (KY)

MEMO – mary

MeMom and PePop – Becky (NJ)

Memommy – GRAND Reader

Memon– My grandmother was called Monmom. Dont ask me why because I do not know. My mother’s grandchildren called her Meme. So I put the 2 together and came up with Memon. And I love it. – Regina (Ga)

Memon– My mother passed away 5 years ago and my som called her meme. And I called my grandmother monmon. So I put them 2 together. Memon. I love it – Regina (Ga)

Meow – Elaine Meow When the oldest of my great-grands was just learning to talk, he would point at our cat & I’d say ‘Meow’ and he just started calling me ‘Meow’. When his siblings were born, they followed suit. – Elaine

Mer Mer– My grandson could not pronounce Grandmere so he calls me Mer Mer. – Christine

Mi Ma– My stepchildren call my mom Mi Ma, adding a touch of their native Spanish to her aleady existing nickname of MeeMaw. – Glenda (FL)

Mimi – Trudy (FL)

Mimi – GRAND Reader

MIMI –  We were trying to decide what my first grandson would call me, and my mother gave us the name of MiMi. – DIANE

Mimi– Before my first Grandchild could speak in sentances she would face me and outstretch her arms to me and say, “ME-Me!” That just stuck, and I became Mimi, and now all my grandchildren and some friends call me Mimi. – Patty (IA)

MiMi– I’m still relatively young, so.. we don’t use the ‘G’ word! – Holly (Maryville, TN)

Mimi– Our children called their Dad’s mother, Mema. Our granddaughter couldn’t say that, so I became Mimi. – Della (Cumberland, MD)

Mimi– This is the name that I called my grandmother – Donna (Lansing, MI)

MiMi – Lori

Mimi– I’m Mimi and my darling husband is called “Poppy” by our three gorgeous granddaughters. We are very proud of them and our nicknames. – Joyce (NC)

mimi – Dianne

Mimi– My oldest Jonathan tried to say a version of Mama and this is what we arrived at. Jonathan is now 13 but Mimi stuck as the other 6 grandsons came along – Sheila

Mimi – JoAnne

MiMi and Papa– We have three beauitful granddaughters age 7 9 and 21. The oldest granddaughter started with the names and the younger ones continued with it. – Sharon and Gene

Mimimomma -I wanted to be called Mimi, but my grandchild renamed me-which I like even better. – Shirley

Mimmi– My nephew couldn’t say Missi when he was little, it came out Mimmi. All my neices and nephews picked it up. Now my granddaughter calls me that too. But, since she is the only one, she could call me anything she wants! – Missi (LA)

Minna– When I was a baby, this was my mother’s baby-talk version of “Melinda” and I thought it a preferable alternative to “Grandma”! – Melinda

Minnie– Before the birth of my first GRANDdaughter I had a dream that my babygirl mouthed “I Love you Minnie!” When she was born my son and daughter-in-love presented her to me and introduced me as “Minnie!” The word endears my heart & is – Connie (FL)

Mmmmma & Ooompa– Our 2 year grandson Gabriel has called us these names for a bit now. I’m thinkin it’s gonna stick. He’s so wonderful we will answer to anything he calls… – veronica & Jerry (MA)

Mo and Po – Chad Mom Since I’m “Mom” to both his parents and my younger children as well, my grandson J.T. jumped on the bandwagon. He refers to my daughter as Mommy. It really keeps you young having a 3 year old refer to you as Mom, especially in public! – cary nocedo

Mom– My daughter calls my mother “Mom” This is a special nickname because that is what everyone called my greatgrandmother. Since my daughter is so close to my mother the name does not bother me, she stills calls me “Mama” – Jessica (NC)

Mom– I was supposed to be grammy but all of my 2 daughter’s friends call me mom, so that is what my 5 yr old grandson started calling me. Now all of my grandkids call me mom. – Shawn

Mom Mom– My beautiful 2 y/o granddaughter calls me Mom Mom. I started calling myself Grandma to her, but she came up with Mom Mom. I love it when she says ” Hi Mom Mom! – Cecile (New Martinsville, WV)

mom mom– When my first grandchild was born my kids were in the habbit of calling me Mom and then when I didn’t answer it was Mom……. Mom So needless to say that’s what the grandkids think my name is… mom mom. I absolutely love it. – Cindy

mom mom– josh, my first, gave me the name. my mom was still alive and she was “granma”. we waited til he began speaking. he heard my daughter call me “mom” but he knew i wasnt his mom. he called me “momsmom”, which was then shortened it – carol

Mom– squared My eldest grandson called me mom-mom for many years. When he was about seven he learned of square roots. Thus, mom-mom became mom with a little two above it for mom to the second power. He started calling me “mom-squared.” – Mary (Chuluota, FL)

Momgram– My First Grandson was told I was Grandma,However he came up with a new idea at the age of two and it has stuck. – Rhonda

Mommaw– I referred to myself as Gamma or Gramma. Then one day while i was driving and talking to my grandson he called me Mommaw on his own. It was the most beautiful sound I had heard since Mommy… – Vickie

Mommie-“Ma-Mee” – Whitley (LA)

MOM-MOM– When my granddaughter was born in 2003 she made our family five generations! So I was Mom-Mom, great grand was Nana, and great, great grand was Gannie until she could say Granny! – Deborah (DE)

Mom-Mom – Jeannie (PA)

Mom-Mom – GRAND Reader

Mom-mom– I called my grandmother Mom-mom, my children called their grandmother Mom-mom. To follow in that tradition, my grandson will know me as Mom-mom too. He’s only 7 months old so I have a way to go before he calls me by name. – Sue

Mommom & Poppop– It is a long traditon on the eastern shore of maryland to call your grandparents mommom & grankids call me & my husband that, i called both sets of mine by that & both of my parents called their grandparents that as well, and so on! – Pamela

MomMom Poopsie– When my first grandchild Dominic was born, I was so excited to hold him. I used to call him my little poopsie. Then 2 years later when his sister Samantha was born, I would call her my little poopsie also. I am now known as MomMom Poopsie. – Arlene (NJ)

Mommy– My beautiful little darling Spencer is a military child. He has lived with me 26 months out of 34 months of his life. Both parents are Navy, and sadly, the military keeps deploying them out at the same time. He knows me as his mommy. – Dottie (Glendora, CA)

Mommyenna– We called my grandmother “Mommyenna”, which over the years was shortend to “Momena”. My brother started that name after he picked on the my great aunts calling her “Enna”. He just added the Mommy part. We adored her. – Kathy (Spring Hill, FL)

Momo– My two littlest ones call me “momo” – Lisa (League City, TX)

Momo– One of my two-year-old grandsons calls me this. Recently I walked in to his house while his other grandma was there babysitting him. He looked at me, looked at her, then said “Two Momos!” – Joyce

Mona– When my daughter told us she was pregnant, she thought I was too young to be called grandma so she asked if it would be alright to be called Mona, she says means friend! – Carol (Saint Charles, IL)

Monkey– I couldn’t say grandma so I called her monkey – Jamie

Moomaw– My first gtandson gave me this name. I love it and him dearly!! – Rebel

Moo-Moo – GRAND Reader

Moon– My three-year-old grand daughter calls me Moon. I love the name and know that long after I’m gone, she will see the moon at night and know that I will forever be watching down over her. – Stewart

more momma– My 2yr old granddaughter calls her Great Grandmother – more momma – her mother named her grandmother ‘momma’ and when grandmother became Great she added the ‘more’ to ‘momma’. – Barbara (CA)

Mormor– Mormor means “mother’s Mother” in Norwegian. My three daughters have a total of 12 children; I am their MorMor. – RuthAnn

Motu– I picked this out and it has a secret meaning, but my daughter, son-in-law and 3 yr old granddaughter do not know what it stands for. I told my daughter that I would share it with my granddaughter when she was old enough to ask me about it – Merri Hutchison

Mummo – Bonnie

Mummum – Joan

Mum-Mum– Bertha (Paulsboro, New Jersey)

Mum-Mum – Bertha (Paulsboro, New Jersey)

Mumsie– I first heard the name Mumsie when a wonderful grandmother I worked with used it as her name that her grandbabies called her. Now that I will be a Grandmom any day I plan to use it too. I believe it is English eventhough I am Irish I just love it! – Josephine (PA)

Mup-mup – Gerald MYE I have 3 grandsons and the name MYE has been passed down from the oldest 8, to the next 5 the to the baby 2…it comes from separating mom and gramma, thus Mye. I absolutely love it. – Patricia

grandparent nicknames


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Nagga – GRAND Reader

Nama – Charlene (KY)

Nama -For my own children we used two different sets of name for grandparents so each had their own identity. We followed suit and I took after my mother and our little one calls me “my nana”. – Yvonne (Huber Heights, Ohio)

NamaHun and GrandpaDear– My Daughter Started Calling my mom and dad these names because she would hear them call each other hun and dear. – michelle

Nama-Jo– All other Grandparents in our family are named Grandma Z, Grand-Pa Kurt,or Great Grand-Mother Ruth. Mine was shortened by my 4 yr old Grand-Son Joey to “Nama”, or Nama-Jo – Jo-Ann

Namma – TraciAnn

Nana– I wanted to be called Nana by my grandchildren, because we the called for me, there would be no doubt! They wanted their NANA. I have four wonderful grandchildren and even the youngest one age 14 months can say Nana. From West Virginia Nana – Jeanette

Nana– My sister called me “nana” when she was a baby (we’re 13 years apart) because she couldn’t say “Cristina” (my first name). Now, my granddaughter calls me “Nana” and I know it’s something totally different. I love it!! – Cristina (FL)

Nana– Before my sweet granddaughter was born I thought I would teach her to call me Grammie. I had my heart set on that. However, when she began to speak she decided my nickname would be Nana and my mother would be MeeMee. I was content. – Grandreader

Nana– Nana is what we called our maternal grandmother. Out of respect for my Nana I wanted to be called Nana. – Peggy (Pleasanton, CA)

NANA– I had an Italian Norna who was 1 of a kind. My Mom is Grandma to my kids. So to be different, I chose to be NANA and my Mom is GrandMAMA.But the precious grandbabies will be the ones to give us our “Nicknames”..I’ll let you know… – Joyce (Providence, RI)

Nana– When my youngest daughter’s baby girl was about 2 to 3 months old, Cynthia (my daughter) asked her which she wanted to call me, she made the neatest sound when Nana was mentioned. So I became Nana. – Peggy (Norwood, Ohio)

NANA – Brenda (Worthington, Ohio)

Nana -Its funny i never wanted to be called grandma I really wanted Mimi but at Christmas Alyssa called be Nanta insteda of Nana, she teases me now and calls me that and laughs. Nana has always stuck with me so we are nana and grandaddy… – Donna (Heber Springs, Ar)

Nana – veronica (bowling green, OH)

Nana– Since I’m not DNA related and there was another grandma, we chose the Italian name for grandma – Nana. My husband called his grandmother “Nana” and this distinguishes me from the other grandparent, who is not involved with these beautiful child – Anne (CA)

Nana– Growing up I had the BEST NANA in the world. I still think of her often and remember our special times together. Now I am almost 50 years old, with precious grandchildren of my own and there is no other name that I would rather be called than “Nana – Barbara

Nana– My sister could’t pronounce my name when she was little so she called me nana, she now has a son that calls me tia nana. I love it so much that I refer to myself as nana to my granddaughter. – Diana (TX)

NANA – esperanza (WA)

Nana – Sigrid

Nan’a– With a large family my grandson has a mema/pappap mamaw/poppop on one side and my children call my mom grandma and the other real grandma on son side is my moms age I thought nan’a was easier to say and remember, or maybe he thinks and says ba-nana!! – karen

Nana Dad–  Means Grandfather. While I was growing up my nana never had a husband and I used to tell here I didn’t want her to have a “Nanadad”. Everyone though it was hilarious but she got married about 4 years ago and the nickname got mentioned by my brother. Well my 2-year-old daughter caught on and she started calling him that. It’s so cute to hear her say it. And he loves it! – DeeDee (Detroit, MI)

Nana Jean – Barbara Jean

Nana Juju – Julie (Las Vegas, Nv)

Nana loli– I called my grandmother nana yoli for 23 years. When my daughter came along she called her nana loli. So, her name was changed for evermore – kim

Nana Mamas– My daughter and son-in-law have called me Mamas and so now that they have an 8-month-old baby boy (Nico) I’m called Nana Mamas. Months from now…. we will see what Nico will actually call me…I’m looking forward to hearing his little voice. – Marta (Aguanga, California)

Nana or Grandma Nana– My first grandson learned how to say Nana early on. It was easy for him and since my name is Nancy I thought that would be fine. Now they are older they sometimes call me Grandma Nana. I will go to them if they called me Hey You! – nancy (Cypress, CA)

nanaBanana– I loved baby food bananas sooo much i would feed my baby first and when i thought no one was looking i would steal one shhhhh hence “nanaBanana” the preacher’s wife i know …. shame on mehehehehehhheeee live laugh love and rock those babies – pamelia west (AR)

Nana-boo and Popi– My parents are called this by my neices and nephews. When I have kids this is what they will be called. I think it is so cute. – Jessica

Nanalin– My stepson came into my life when he was 2 and just started calling me Mamalin; now his precious daughter Ivy calls me Nanalin and I love it! Another grandchild calls me a combined form of Grammy and Nana Nammy. – Linda (Garland, ME)

Nanee– I chose “Nanee” because it spells “Neena” backwards which is Italian for grandmother. – Carol nanee “Nanee” sounds just like “Mommy”, whenever my granddaughter wants something, she says I said Nanee not Mommy or vise/versa.I call her Nanee’s girl and we have our own special song. – khalilah (PA)

Nanie – GRAND Reader

Nanna by the seaside– I live some distance away from my grandchildren and am known as Nanna by the seaside for obvious reasons. His other grandmother is known as Nanna in the country. – Patricia (xx)

Nannah– My mother’s name is Hannah. Though she is now in heaven, she loved her two grandsons very much and would be so happy with her great grandchildren. So, in her honor and memory, I’m called Nannah and my husband, Granddad! – Sue Ann

Nanni– It’s the Italian grandma. – Barbara (OH)

Nannie – Linda

Nanny – Sharon (IL)

Nanny – GRAND Reader

Nanny – marlene (North Port, fl)

NaNo– My Grandchildren have a few grandmothers so I took the Na (which stands for Nana) and the No (which stands for Nova) and created NaNo, so they could identify me individually. – Nova (Havertown, Pennsylvania)

Nano– my daughter got talking about the show Granddaughter was calling me Nana. Daughter was talking about the show Mork and Mindy and saying something about nanu nanu and the next thing I knew was Malori was calling me Nano. – Shirley (KY)

Nanoi– I wanted to be called Nonnie, but my first grandson wanted me to be called Nanoi he was 1 1/2 yrs old. He kept saying Nanoi my daughter said no Nonnie, by the third time he put his hands on his hips with a stern look on his face and said Nanoi. – debra (taft, ca.)

Nappy– I carefully instructed my family to call me “abuela” so my grandson would learn to call me abuela too. But because my primary function (he decided) was to read to him before bed and naps he began calling me “Nappy!” – sharon (Anderson, IN)

Nea-Nea– Our son had a beautiful plaque made, The best grandparents in the world live here, “Oma and Opa”. Our granddaughter, decided to call us Nea-Nea, and Pa. I worked with her, “say Oma, Oma”, and she would say, “Nea-Nea! So it stuck, and I love it! – Debra (Murfreesboro, TN)

Nee Nee – Susan

Neema– My 1st gson gave me my special name. He and his brother continue to call me Neema. It’s very special to me-I have it on the license plates of my car. One of the two youngest grandsons call me Nana. Whatever they call me is “special”. – Lynn

Neena– My best friend from Junior High had grandchildren first and she was Neena. She told me that was what I should be and I liked it. First grandchild called me HEEN at first but it evolved into Neena. We are now awaiting the birth of our 3rd in April. – Doris (TX)

Nena – Selena (Tucson, Arizona)

Nina– My first son could not pronounce my name right which is Tina so he called me Nina for a while as a child. A When it came time for a Grandmother name I thought of this…. Nanna, Nana, Nanny… why not Nina. It has meaning and it younger sounding. – Tina (TX)

Nina – GRAND Reader

Nina– my granddaughter’s another grandmother’s name is mia and i was initially nana, but i guess she just put the 2 together for me and i saved it because she gave it to me. And she is only 2 – christy (metairie, la)

Nini – Nancy

Nini – GRAND Reader

Ninny– I have 6 grand children, when the oldest was starting to talk, I think she tried to say nanny and ninny came out but it stuck and they all call me that. My grandchildren are ages 13, 10 1/2, 8, 4 1/2, 4, and 2. – Stephanie

Non– My 13 & 15 yr. old grandchildren cut “Nanni” short by just saying “Non”. – Barbara (OH)

Nona – GRAND Reader

Nona– My grandaughter is my precious-angel. The light of my life. I love viewing the world through her eyes. Everything is brand new and she is in awe of everything. Her curiousity and honesty is refreshing. She lives with me now.What a joy. – Patricia

Noni– All but one of my grandchildren call me by this name. My youngest, my grandson, thought it much to complicated and shortened it to just “Non” – Sharyn (Ellicott City, MD)

Nonna – Lynn (Burien, Wa)

Nonna– I am second generation, full-blooded Italian. My grandmother was nonna and my mother was nonna to my boys. I chose “Nonna” to carry on a reminder of Italian heritage to my now multi-nationality family. – Dee

Nonna– To differentiate from Great grandma and other grandma(Nana) I, being Italian, love being called Nonna, but grandpa didn”t like italian version of grandfather(Nonno) so he is Pop-Pop or Poo-Pop. – Connie (NJ)

Nonna Nonna– is Italian for grandmother. My four-year-old precious granddaughter also says Nonni (grandma)on her own and makes a point of making sure I heard her. “I called you Nonni, Nonna”. – Susan

Nonna – Bobbi Nonni I waited almost 20 months to hear my granddaughter call me Nonni. She was already saying Poppy, Nana, and Papa but FINALLY she up and said “Nonni” and patted the floor, wanting me to sit down. It was a moment I’ll never forget! – Deb

Nonni– Being of Italian descent, I had always admired my aunts & cousins for being called Nonni (various spellings) by their grandchildren. When my first grandchild was born, it was only natural to be called Nonni also. I love being a Nonni! – Cindy

Nonnie– I grew up in a very ethnically mixed neighborhood on LI,NY. I just loved the name. Later, I found out it meant Grandma in Italian. I am African-American.So we get a lot of looks and smiles. – Alona (NC)

Nonnie Nita Nonny– My mom wanted her grandchildren to call her “Nana”. My Jessica, Mother’s first grandchild, started calling her Nonny from the start. Now, 7 grandchildren, 6 great children and a vast extended family later, she’s still our Nonny. – Kathy (Spring Hill, FL)

Nornee – this is what few of the kids in grandkids called my mom – Lorraine

Nunnie– My grandchildren are teenagers and still call me Nunnie. – Ilene

Nushka– My granny/grandma name will b Nushka. just found out my daughter is pregnant & will deliver in January 2010…YIPEEEE! not sure if there’s an origin for the name Nushka, but it almost sounds like german or used amongst jewish grandmothers. – Tonya (Jamaica, New York)



Oma – My step-grandchildren call me Grandma Sarah.  Now my own grandchildren call me Oma.  This German for Grandmother.  Their grandfather and I had German ancestors and I wanted to be called something different from Grandma Sarah.  My two grandsons call me Oma and have their friends do it too.

Oma – GRAND Reader

Oma– Our family originates from Germany, and I emigrated to the US in the 60’s. Somehow, having my grandchildren call me “Oma” (which means Grandma in German) helps connect us all with our heritage. It’s a special thing. – Erna Schikschnus (IL)

Oma -‘Oma’ was my label as my grandson has many grandparents. However, sweet little guy gave it his own touch-and pronounces it with double oo sound as in cool:) – Candy

Oma– My daughters called my in-laws Oma & Opa (Grandma & Grandpa) in German. In memory of my late father-in-law, who didn’t get to meet his first Great Granddaughter my husband wanted to be called Opa and naturally I wanted to be called Oma. – Nancy (Uniondale, NY)

Oma– My family grew up in Germany where I I was a teacher for 22 years with the DOD. I knew that someday I wanted to be an “Oma”! – Cynthia (fayetteville, nC)

Oma – Sheila (Morristown, IN)

Omee – Stephanie (xx)

Ommy– I thought GrandMommy would be nice, but Ashlynn came along & she calls me ‘Ommy’. How precious when they come up with their OWN version of GrandMommy!! – Sherryl (FL)

Onna– Although my “little professor” grandson at age 2 can Enunciate $5 words. He insists HIS OWN special name for me. I AM “Nonna”a full-blooded Italian American Grandma to the other 9 grandbabies! Way tooooo cute…. – Dena-Nonna Grandma! (Sedalia, CO)

Oompa First time my granddaughter said grandpa it came out Oompa so I kept it. – Richard Opa

Oma– ‘Oma’ was my label as my grandson has many grandparents. However, sweet little guy gave it his own touch-and pronounces it with double oo sound as in cool:) – Candy

Oma– My daughters called my in-laws Oma & Opa (Grandma & Grandpa) in German. In memory of my late father-in-law, who didn’t get to meet his first Great Grandaughter my husband wanted to be called Opa and naturally I wanted to be called Oma. – Nancy (Uniondale, NY)

Oma– My family grew up in Germany where I I was a teacher for 22 years with the DOD. I knew that someday I wanted to be an “Oma”! – Cynthia (fayetteville, nC)

Oma – Sheila (Morristown, IN)

Osteoferocious– My three teenage grandsons love to play football, baseball and workout. They always (gently) include me in their activities and because I participate – they proudly gave me my new nickname! LOL! – Sigrid

Other Grandma– My granddaughters saw their grandmothers together most of the time. So, depending on which grandmother they were speaking to first, the second grandma was always “Other Grandma” They kept it straight in their minds but the grownups seldom did. – Kathy (CT)

Ouisie– No amount of coaxing my first grandchild produced a name for me. As we walked together one day, an exuberant older woman at church greeted me “hiya Wee-zee!” Immediately, Ainsley christened me and have remained so named for my grandchildren. – Louise (Lackawanna, NY)


PA– My step grandson started calling me grandpa till he met my father. Since then he calls me PA and calls my father Grandpapa and my mother Grandpama – Gerry

Pa (pronounced paw)- That is what we called my grandfather. Now all my grandkids know they’ve got me wrapped around their little finger when they call me Pa. – tom (TX)

Pa Pete – Peter PamPa My husband’s grandfather was named “PamPa” – Eva (Bakersfield, CA)

Pankra and Panka– Somehow the word grandpa came out of my mouth as Pankra and grandma came out as Panka. That’s what I called them the first three years of my life. Now, I’m 11 and still do every now and then to make them laugh. – Brian

Papa– My grandson, who is now 6, was confused when talking about his Papas. He would always ask “which one?” So he started calling me Papa Charlie and his other Papa is Papa Alec. – Charlie

PaPa– Grandmother is Linda and called Nina. – Jerry

Papa– I have no clue how but it’s a southern name for Grandpa and at one time my youngest daughter, Sheryl, came over with her oldest daughter, Emily, and instead of “Hi Papa” instead it came out “Hi Peepa” – Paul (FL)

Papa– well he wanted to be called pawpaw but i changed that u know!!! – kayla (LA)

Papa – Ralph

papa – PHILIP papa or mimi well they wanted to be called mammaw and pappaw but u know i changed all of that. they like the names but no 1 else can call them that but me!!! and u know im there fav. grand duaghter!! i have 2 other sisters i come up here to stay with them more!! – kayla (LA)

Papi -Since grandma and grandpa were already taken, by her husband’s parents. some latino friends convinced me that in Spanish, papi meant lively and youthful. Whenever I’m called papi, I chuckle since I know it refers to young and not elderly. – norman (webster, ma)

Papoo – Ginger

Pappap – GRAND Reader

Pappaw– Sometimes we pronoinced it Pappaw and sometimes PawPaw. He taught me an old song about “picking up paw paws – put em in your pocket’ which would start me giggling that he wouldn’t fit in my pocket! My grandmother was Mammaw so I guess Pappaw fit. – Mary

Pappy – Suzanne (MD)


Paw – Bill

Pawpaw– When our daughter had her first child, we talked about what I would be called. She said that she had called my wife’s dad Pawpaw and there could never be another. When her son was old enough to talk he decided I would be his Pawpaw, too! – Roger

Pawpaw– When our daughter had her first child, we talked about what I would be called. She said that she had called my wife’s dad Pawpaw and there could never be another. When her son was old enough to talk he decided I would be his Pawpaw, too! – Roger

PAW-PAW– when we were little we couldnt say grandpa but we could say Paw-Paw it just stuck…he died around 14 years ago…but the name will be passed down… – Mel

Pazzi– My Husband was determined that he would only be called Grandpa, Well we kept saying Grandpa to our Gandson and as he began to talk it went from pazs to Pazzi ! My Husband loves it. – Blair (Toms River, NJ)

Pee Pee– While pregnant with Vinnie, my dad said he would call my son “wiener”(Vienna Weiners) He wished to be called Grampee. My son used the last sylable and doubled it. Pee-Pee, Serves him right! My mom is called Me-Me. – Keri (OH)

PeePaw– The other grandparents have the “grand” title and my better half is MeeMaw. I think our son and daughter conspired for this title. I sign notes with a capital P and a paw stamp. – Pete (San Antonio, TX)

Pepae’– Our goal when we were Grandparents-To-Be was to find a grandparent name that suited us, and to limit any confusion, not to duplicate any Signature names that family members already went by. We’re now & forever…. Memae’ & Pepae’ – William (Anson, ME)

PePaw – Lee Pie Instead of calling me Grandpa my grandson Jonathan started to cal me Pie. We love it! Ozzie from Connecticut. – Ozzie Spezzano

Pipa – GRAND Reader

PIPI– Actually, my dear husband is now known as “Pops”. My grandbabies call me “Mimi” (which is way better than Grandma) but my husband didn’t see the humor in the “matching” Pipi name. So….we call him Pops, after my own grandfather. – Kathy (Spring Hill, FL)

Pocky – Jim (OR)

Pom-pom– Where our son came up with this for my Dad I haven’t a clue, “pom-pom” always called his grandson, my little guy. – Jan (MT)

Poopah– I don’t know how it happened, but I’m “Poopah” to our grandsons. Actually, I prefer “Grand Poopah!” – Gary (TX)

Poopie – GRAND Reader

Pop – GRAND Reader

Pop pop– This is what my daughter and her cousins called their Grandfather, so this is also what my daughter taught my grandbaby to call me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. – Fred

Pop! – Joe

Popa – George (Eldersburg, MD)

Popete– My grandpa was my best friend… When I was a kid my uncle would call him pop my grandma would call him pete. Cause his name is Pedr. So, I guess I put the two together and got popete. My 2 cousins call him popete too. – Brandy Popeye My boys called my stepdad Pops. But when my daughter was about 2 we went to visit and she ran up to my stepdad hollering “Popeye, Popeye.” He has been Popeye ever since and my daughter is now 24. – Donna

Popeye– My wife, the grandmother, was already called “Mimi” by our son-in-law. Our daughter decided that when we became grandparents, I would be Popi. Our grandson had other ideas, and I became Popeye!! – Jeff

PopGa– My grandson, Caleb, had a hearing loss that caused a speech delay. When he finally began talking some words came out unclear or in reverse order…Hence…I am now called “PopGA” thanks to our dear Caleb. – George (FL)

Popo – christina (TX)

Poppa – GRAND Reader

Poppa – michael

Poppi – Tom

poppi and beba – michele

Poppia – Frank

Poppie– All 5 grandkids call me this. – Norman (KY)

POPPO– Our first grandchild, Kimberly, attempted talking early and in trying to enunciate “grandpa”, came up with “POPPO”. It never changed to grandpa. All the grandchildren followed suit. – Tom (MI)

Poppock– We have found over the years that our childrens’ and grandchildrens’ mis-pronounciations become part of our “family” vocabulary. – Warren (PA)

PopPop – David

Poppy – GRAND Reader

Poppy– My father was going to have the grandchildren call him Pappy, though my nephew had trouble with this pronunciation, hence, “Poppy”. – Guerry

Poppy– My father was going to have the grandchildren call him Pappy, though my nephew had trouble with this pronunciation, hence, “Poppy”. – Guerry

Poppy– Grandpa became Poppy…no reason, but it stuck and I like it. – Frank (Akron, OH)

Poppy -Joe Our 2-yr. old grandson was learning to talk. My husband’s name is Joe, but we were calling him Poppy. One night my husband asked, “What’s for dinner?”. I replied, “Sloppy Joe’s”. Our grandson thought I was calling “Poppy-Joe” – Joe

PopS –  My husband is 37, and I am 46, so we are young for grandparents, so my nickname is CiCI(pronounced SeeSee), and my husband is PopS.  There ya go.  I also have a friend who is a KK; she is also a young grandmother.  Her name is Kelly, so that worked for her.  XiXi is a cute X gma name, just for the record.


Popster – Thomas

PopUp– my 11 yr old niece calls my father papa so when my 3 yr old son started speaking we tried to teach him papa, it came out as popup and that’s been his name ever since – Joleen

Pop-Up – Tony (CA)

Puma– When my grandson was very young, grandma sounded like “puma” coming from his little mouth. and that is what he still calls me. it’s so cute and different and we are all so used to it, I’m just “Puma”. – Lorraine

Pumpkin– My oldest granddaughter started calling me pumpkin at a very early age…we are not sure why…but it stuck. When Abigail was very small I made her a dress. A friend ask her if grandma made it for her. She replied, “No, my pumpkin did.” – Betty Jo


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Ra Ra- my grandson had trouble saying “gramma” which somehow came out “Ra Ra”. It stuck and now my hubby who is Poppy and the whole family calls me Ra Ra. – Vonnie (CA)


Saftah- Saftah is grandmother in Hebrew. When my first grandchild was born, that’s the name my daughter picked and now my grandson calls me that. – Wendy (Rockville, MD)

Sammy -is my name. ! My 1st grandchild couldn’t say Grammy so Sammy became my new name. I love it!

Savti – patti (IL)

Shadoo- It was Fondue but I couldn’t say it but I could say Shadoo and that is what it became…although I guess Fondue is kinda funny too… – Wesley and Julian (FL)

Sha-Sha- Madeline could not say “Grandma” or other names. So she tried “Sha-Sha”, the name my niece gave me when she couldn’t say “Cheryl”. Now, sometimes it’s “Grandma Sha-Sha”. – Cheryl (Macomb, MI)

Silly Grandma & Grand– Our grandchildren have 2 sets of grandparents in town to identify which set they were talking about they named us the Silly or The Nice Grandma & Grandpa – Even at school we are known by this name – Carol (MO)

Sissy– When Lillian was just starting to talk she called about everyone Sissy. When her skills developed more, she just kept calling me Sissy but moved onto the others real names. – Jordan

Song– When my grandson was a baby i sang to him alot. And he started to call me song it has stuck i have three grandkids now and they all call me song. (5,4,1) – tammy (IN)

Soupy– My husband would always say to our little granddaughter (we babysat her each week from the time she was 6 weeks old until she turned 18 months) your Grandmom is full of soup -hence, the name Soupy was born! Now, both she and her sister call me Soupy. – Anne

Streganana/Nana– My daughter gave me a book Straganonna & The Magic Pasta Pot to announce coming arrival of twins. (My son-in-law started calling me Strega (Strega= witch in Italian). When the boys started to call me, one says NaNa & one Strega. I Nita – anita (watertown, ct) Sunshine I called Ana Sunshine from birth every morning. Two years later she was visiting, I walked in the room, she turned and said Hi Sunshine! My heart sunk. Two years later she is still calling me this andI like standing out from all the other grands she has – Laura (FL)

Super gramma– My oldest grand child and only grand son called me “super Gramma” when he was younger because I would climb on rocks and up the ramps down at the lake when he would come to our house for spring break. now that he is a teenager he calls me G-ma – Patty



Taleahj– I chose for my grandchildren to call me ‘Granny” in honor of my grandmother, whom I adore. Everyone laughs and says I’m too young to be a ‘granny’ but I don’t care. My granny was the best and I want my grandchildren to feel the same way about me. – Taleah

Tat Tat– My first grandchild called me this.She would distinguish between her great grand-mothers and me by adding our given names;therefore,TatTat Becky,TatTat Berta;&TatTat Ruth.Our other grandchildren also use these names. Sara Emily/now 12; Mike/8; Max/7. – Becky (SC)

TaTa Di and Grumpy– Our grandaughter started referring to “elders” as “Ta-Ta”. Since we are a blended family with more than two sets of grandparents, I loved my name: TaTa Di; My spouse became “Grumpy” very early on and the name “stuck” – Diane (FL)

TaTaw– For Grandpa. Pronounced with long A, like pat and then short a like paw. My oldest nephew, who is 27, started it and it carried on through 13 more grandkids. – Debbie (IL)

Tea Party– Among other grandchildren, my youngest son has two sweet girls. When they were little, we had tea parties together and then they began to call me tea party grandma -later it was shortened to just teaparty. Now they are 8 & 9, and I am still teaparty. – Rosemary

The TicTac Grandma– I have six grandchildren and each set of grandchildren call me different names: Grandma, MawMaw, Granna Re and my newest name is The TicTac Grandma, because I always have tic tacs and share them with my babies (now 14, 11, 9, 9, 7 & 4 yrs. old!) – Marie (FL)

Tootsie – Submitted by Holly Rich. My grandchildren call me Tootsie. When I am in my 90’s , I look forward to hear someone say, “ Hey Toots”, know it’s me!

Truck– My grandson always saw me in my work truck and his Mom would say “There’s Grandpa’s truck.” He started calling me Grandpa Truck and in no time he shortened it to just Truck. – Jim

Tutu Carole– “Tutu wahine” means grandmother in Hawai`i. “Tutu kane” means grandfather Generally these are abbreviated to “Tutu”, often with the grandparent’s first name added. In my case, I’m called “Tutu Carole” by my granddaughters – Carole Cathcart


uma– i have 12 granbabies,and 11 call me gramma. my 3 year old grandson calls me uma,it sounds so cute coming out of his mouth, i love it – nancee (NY)

Umma -My one year old granddaughter couldn’t say she came up with her version of it..Umma! – hannah (apollo, pa)

Umpah– This is just what Ashlynn started calling me one day,(at the age of almost two) and GRANDmommy, “Umah”. So precious!!! – Mike


Vasileva Vasileva – Vasileva Vavao The meaning of this is Grandmother in Portuguese.. That what I called my Grandmother…trying to keep the generation going with my Grandchildren… – Lorrie

VaVo – Jackie


Waa-Bee– My granddaughter named me Waa-Bee and we haven’t a clue why. But I love it!She thought of it herself.Maybe I look like a Waa-Bee! Whatever that may be. – Pam

Wahoo– I am an avid Cleveland Indians fan, and at age one, Avery referred to me as her “Grandma with the Wahoo flag” (in front of my house). She later shortened it to “Wahoo”, and the name has stuck for all four of my grandkids! – Paulie (OH)

Wannie– My daughter’s first child started calling me Wannie Wannie. We are not really sure why, it just came out that way when he tried to say Granny. She now has two, they are both a little older and it has be shortened to Wannie. – Connie (OH)

wawur – jamie Welo & Wela This is what my kids call my parents. I will soon become a grandma and anything my grandchild calls me will be fine. It is the love that matters. My kids other grandma is their “welita”. – Rachel (San Antonio, Texas)

Wompa– Our Grandson calls my husband Papa, but our one granddaughter calls him Wompa and where that came from we have no idea but think it is cute. Our oldest granddaughter called us Gampo and Gammo. Grandkids are precious. – Kay (NE)


Currently no X names have been submitted


yam yum-yum – Pat

Ya-Ya – GRAND Reader

Yia-Yia Greek for grandmother – Linda

Yoohoo – Debbie


Zayda – GRAND Reader