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grandparentingWith my best,

Arthur D. Kornhaber, MD.

“Every Time A Child Is Born, A Grandparent Is Born Too”

Our interactive website is devoted to fostering grandparent education, networking, research, and programs. The site is structurally comprised of four main sections, (listed at the top of this page),  that deal with diverse and specialized aspects of grandparenting.


Ask Dr. Kornhaber

Interactive Q & A section where you can ask Dr. Kornhaber a question.

News and Discussion

Latest news and information from individual, public and academic resources involving grandparenting issues.

Ideas and Activities

Ideas and suggestions for projects and programs that grandparents can do with their families and communities.


Broad section that containing educational articles relating to broad aspects of  grandparenting as well as listing and describing collegial organizations in the field. It is also a forum for all family members to contribute their ideas and thoughts for all to ponder.


Each section deals with issues in a diversity of categories for all generations.

Legal Issues

Monitors the ongoing status and controversy around the Grandparent Visitation Laws.

Raising Grandchildren

Keeps us up to date with the latest news in this areas as well as interfacing with the many organizations that are devoted to supporting grandparents in this endeavor.

Grandparent University

Instructs and educates grandparents in being the best grandparent possible.

Family Issues & Parent-Grandparent Relations

Describes difficulties that parents and grandparents may encounter and offers advice to keep the family functioning harmoniously

Long-Distance Grandparenting & Cybergrandparenting

Explores the effects and  pitfalls of distance between family members and keeps grandparents up-to-date on strategies and new communicational methods that can help bridge the distance between family members.

Grandparent Research

Updates the Grandparent Study, initiated in 1970 by Dr, Kornhaber, keeps current with contemporary research in the field and is accessed by teachers and students.

Grandparents Speak

A forum for grandparents to contribute to the site and post their original stories. Jokes, of course, need no further word (for what is a grandparent without humor?)

Grandchildren Speak

Hear the voices of grandchildren  describe their experience, as children and grandchildren, an how they view the adults, and the circumstances  that run their world.

Other categories deal with specific, self-explanatory circumstances such as Stepgrandparenting, and Personal Health.