Grandpa, I Want The Biggest Pumpkin!

By Grandpa Bob Niles “Grandpa, I want the biggest pumpkin we can find!” screeches my granddaughter as she’s set free from her four point harness in the grandpa mobile. It’s all I can do to restrain her four years of constant muscle building from running out into traffic. I hold tighter to her hand and […]

Taking The Grandkids Camping At Camp Atcha Ownrisk

By Grandpa Bob Niles Dear Mom and Dad, Grandma thought I should write a note to let you know we are all okay here. The fires and smoke have only added to our camping experience with Grandma and Gramps. Gramps said it was a good thing he had built the campfire on the west side […]

I Hate Glasses!

By Bob Niles “Honey where are my glasses!?” I accuse and ask the wife simultaneously. Knowing she’d moved them or hoping she’d seen them as I blindly search in vain for my visual aids to an ever increasing touch screen world. “Use mine they’re on the kitchen counter!” I hate that,… using other peoples glasses. […]

Grandkids Are From The Planet Zoltar And Beyond!

By Grandpa Bob Niles Our first grandchild was a bundle of sweetness and joy. She hardly ever cried. She slept a lot and I think never even messed a diaper. She was always being held and cuddled because she thrived on love and kisses that we’re eagerly supplied by grandma. So when the news was announced […]

A Magical Experience With Your Grandkids: Cheap Too

By Grandpa Bob Niles So many grandparents fret over what fun things they can do with their grandchildren that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Grandpa Bob Niles shares one wonderful way… bub-ble (bub/-l) n. a hollow globe of water or other liquid blown out with air or gas It’s no wonder my granddaughter […]

The Not So Merry Christmas: 50 Years In The Future

By Grandpa Bob Niles  “Yes it’s in the original box, and some 40 years ago it would have added value. But so many of the Frozen dolls were sold and unopened that they have, unfortunately for you, flooded the market. It’s probably not worth what you paid for it. But thank you for coming to […]

Help, I’m Caught In Jingle Bell Hell

By Grandpa Bob Niles We have one of those singing, dancing, repetitive, now annoying Christmas decoration. We were in the store, and on the shelf was this whimsical very amusing, how does it do that, figurine. And somehow, through the magic of marketing it danced and sang its way into our shopping bag. And now […]

Grandpa!…I Want That for Christmas

By Bob Niles It’s starrrr–ted, the whole Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus multi cultural onslaught of advertising we’ve all come to expect at this time of year. A season bombed with every imaginable product to make it all happy and bright. Magazines, television billboards, bus stop shelters and every newspaper are heavily pregnant with gift […]

Living When Surrounded By Raucous Ninjas

By Grandpa Bob Niles Hiiiii-Ya is my grandkids adopted battle cry when when conquering a giant intruder: me. No warning is given like ‘Grandpa look over here! Grandpa pay attention! Grandpa here I come. Grandpa get ready! Protect your swimsuit area! Instead, I get a whack or a smack or a small footprint on my legs […]

Grandpa Said, “Hang On Tight!”

By Grandpa Bob Niles “Grandpa your fingers are so cold” squeals his two year old granddaughter. “Hang on tight! I don’t want to let you go.” He laughed, as she pulled her right foot in his left shoe ahead of her other mismatched foot and shoe combination. Together as one his legs straddled around her […]