GaGaSisterhood Interview With Ask Dr. Gramma Karen

Meet Gramma Karen Our GRANDParent Network member, Donne Davis of has launched a cool new podcast just for us GRANDparents called Conversations with Modern Grandmas. Her second  live “Conversations with Modern Grandmas” features Dr. Karen Rancourt (AKA Dr. Gramma Karen). This interview originally took place on November 3, but you can listen to it now. […]

Grandmas Are Needed More Than Ever!

Grandmas are Needed More than Ever By Harriet Hodgson Becoming the grandmother of twins changed me. The role enabled me to see life through the eyes of children again, a true gift. I learned from the twins and they learned from me. In today’s fast-paced, complex, challenging, and scary world, grandmas are needed more than […]

Reflections From A First Time Grandpa

Reflections From A First Time Grandpa BY JOEL POSNANSK It’s a truism that the only thing more fun than your children is your grandchildren. As soon as friends and family knew that my wife and I were about to become grandparents, they recited some version of this to us. But at least for me, as […]

The Double-Edged Nature of Being a…

The double-edged nature of being a grandma Featured image:  Granddaughter Amelia BY DONNE DAVIS “Tell me a story about your grandma,” my 11-year old granddaughter asked during a recent visit. “Well, you know you’re named after her,” I said reminding her that my grandma Amelia is her namesake. “She was my best friend when I […]

Sharing the Loss of a GRANDparent With Your Grandchildren

BY DONNE DAVIS Losing a grandparent is often a child’s first experience with death. It can be confusing and scary and lead to questions about death, death related rituals, and grief. Dealing with loss can be difficult, but at the same time, a child can grow in maturity and understanding through this experience. Every person’s response […]

When Grandparent Estrangement May Be Justified

When Grandparent Estrangement May Be Justified By Donne Davis This is a reprint with permission from This letter to “Ask Amy” made my blood boil. Usually I feel tremendous empathy for grandmas who are alienated from their grandchildren. But in this case, the parents are justified in removing their daughters from these insensitive grandparents. Read […]

I Was Blessed To Have a Gem Of A Mother-In-Law

I Was Blessed To Have A Gem Of A Mother-In-Law BY DONNE DAVIS – (Featured image:  4 generations includes Donne, her daughter and mother-in-law, Alice, on her 93rd birthday holding her great-granddaughter.) I’ve written a lot about difficult MILs in my blog. But I was blessed to have a gem of a MIL. She thought […]

The Third Act: Grandparenting in a Digital Age

The Third Act: Grandparenting in a Digital Age BY KAREN L. RANCOURT, Ph.D. Interview with Laura Tropp, Ph.D. of Marymount Manhattan College, New York and author The Third Act: Grandparenting in a Digital Age     Dr. Gramma Karen: Dr. Tropp, it is a pleasure to have this opportunity to interview you and introduce you […]

This Grandma Objects to Videocams When She Babysits – Would You?

Grandma Objects to Videocams When She Babysits BY DONNE DAVIS – GaGaSisterhood In my new feature, “Ask GaGa,” I’ve been answering questions from grandmas who need advice. This grandma resents being spied on by her daughter and son-in-law when she babysits for her granddaughter. Dear GaGa I am a first-time grandma of a one-month-old. My […]

Thanksgiving Fun for the Grandkids

Looking for some Thanksgiving fun for your Grandkids? BY DONNE DAVIS Thanksgiving is November 23. If you’ve got grandkids coming for dinner, here are some fun Thanksgiving activities to keep them entertained at the table. Make Place Cards The place cards shown in the above photo were made by one of my GaGa Sisters. Invite […]