Memory Lane – The 1990s

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Following a time of big hair and wild clothes, the 90’s were a time of change, new ideas, and words like “peeps” and “phat”. Many of these changes were positive. For example, the  overnment had many positive changes to America that benefitted everyone. Though there were scandals, America experienced a booming economy, which meant low unemployment, higher wages, and more enjoyment for Americans in general.

Bright colors carried over from the 80’s to the 90’s fashion, and were enhanced in the baggy clothes of the time. Everyone dug the rolling out of bed and facing the day look, otherwise  nown as grunge, which was normally complimented by big, chunky shoes. While some took pride in the torn jeans, some enjoyed the popularity of babydoll dresses, seen on celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone in Clueless.

Rock stars continued their reign in the 90’s and never lost their rhythm, such as Nirvana and R.E.M. Pop stars proved their importance to music in the nineties through performers such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Boy bands, NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, battled for the spotlight, and continue to battle for the legacy to this day. Fan girls of both sides fight, but no one can ever be sure of who ruled the 90’s boy band stage.

The 90’s continued their popularity to television. Hundreds of shows for kids and adults appeared everywhere, and everyone had a favorite. Though adults had shows such as Friends, Home Improvement, and Seinfeld, kids of the 90’s were lucky with their television selections. Boy Meets World, Doug, All That, The Amanda Show, and Hey Arnold are just some of the shows that brought thousands of viewers to television screens every day. Anyone could find something to watch on TV, and if not, they could always find something in film.

Films in the 90’s were as versatile for adults as they were for children. While the kids watched Beauty and the Beast, adults enjoyed movies like Fight Club and Clerks. Back to the Future films continued with its third hit in the 90’s, and Home Alone started its growth in the decade. Romance movies of tragedy, Titanic, and hope, Happily Ever After, paraded glorious
stories of love in the time as well.

The 90’s were filled with interesting things to do besides music and moving pictures. Games of technology, such as Tetris and Sonic the Hedgehog were hits in the 90’s. The internet grew  drastically, and an AOL account was the new thing that everyone had to have. Interactive toys, though they could rarely be shut off, were what every child wanted. Furbies and Tamagotchis were bought from toy stores everywhere! Popular hobbies were the thing to have in the 90’s.

The 90’s were filled with unique qualities.

From the technology kings, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to the feminine heroes Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart, famous people found their place in the decade. Though there were upsetting times, such as the losses of Jackie Kennedy and John F. Kennedy, Jr., to the divorce of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, the 90’s carried on a joy through the tough hours people had, and that joy will never be forgotten.