Mission Statement for GRANDparents America Expo

grandparents_america_expo_medium (1)September 30, 2013

From:  Jack Levine, Director, GRANDPartner for GRANDParents Program

Subject: On my walk today….

On my walk this morning…prior to some yard work….my thoughts zoomed to the reality that every important enterprise and invention is sparked by the question “What if?” and the rest is nothing but logically defined details and the unwavering will to succeed.

So I believe it is with GRANDparents America Expo…..

 There’s a hunger we all share for connecting. When opportunities are presented to bridge gaps across the generations, few will refuse that chance to rekindle and refresh a sustaining spirit which we inherited from our ancestors and strive to pass forward to our children.

We humans are the only species which has the ability to know our past and the capacity to plan our future.  Those are both gifts which each of us can embrace with passion.

When all’s said and done, we are all in the legacy business….learning life lessons from those who preceded us and creating a positive future for generations to come are two of our greatest goals.

GRANDparents America EXPO provides a community wide opportunity to connect across the generations for the benefit of all who wish to participate with family members and friends.

The Expo is designed to bring people of all ages and diverse backgrounds together to learn, communicate, and enjoy a re-creation of what used to be called neighborhood.

When good people gather together for the common good, amazing things happen.

Conversations about health and wellness, nutrition, creative arts, policy issues of community concern and ideas for accessing family services and volunteer opportunities will be shared.

The launch of GRANDparents America Expo – Orlando will take place on Saturday, November 2nd from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM at Loch Haven Center  610 North Lake Formosa Drive, Orlando, 32803 right next to the beautiful Orlando Cultural Park site near the OrlandoScienceCenter, OrlandoMuseum, and Shakespeare Theatre.

A wide variety of community organizations will be present and participation is free and open to the public.

For information on community sponsorships and exhibitor space, please contact Christine Crosby, Editorial Director for GRAND Media at 727-327-9039  ccrosby@grandmagazine.com or Marsha Reece, Event Manager at 407-951-3298  mreece@grandmagazine.com

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