10 Best G-Parent Blogs & Websites

Top 10 Best GRANDparent Websites and Blogs for 2017 GRAND Magazine is proud to recognize the best of the best websites and blogs for today’s grandparents. Each site/blog offers a distinct voice and perspective. When it comes to grandparenting; there is no such thing as one size fits all. Just like families, there is a […]

How to Talk to Your Grandchild

How to Talk to Your Grandchild By Donne Davis, Founder of GaGaSisterhood.com Remember the days before unlimited free phone minutes? Three-minute long distance phone calls cost a fortune, so we kept our conversations short and to the point. Fortunately, we now have unlimited phone minutes because my two granddaughters and I often talk for over […]

The Secrets To Communicating With Your Adult Children

By Donne Davis, Founder of the Gagasisterhood.com When it comes to communicating with your adult children, where do you get stuck? I posed this question to the 25 grandmothers (we call them GaGas) attending our January 15 meeting and added, is it around discipline, visitation, values or boundaries? All of the above, and more, they […]

What Are Grandmothers Good For?

By Joyce Gillis and other amazing GRANDmothers from The GRANDParent Network Grandmothers impart wisdom. It’s what we do. And all you need to do is ask for a serving of it. We’re so generous, in fact, that some of us (Who, me?) might even throw in an occasional freebie – sage advice you didn’t ask for! In […]

GaGa Sisterhood Podcast

By Christine Crosby –  Editorial Director – GRAND Magazine Donne Davis, founder of the GaGa Sisterhood – Gagasisterhood.com has launched a new service for her long distance members…a podcast and I was honored to be her first guest. For those uninitiated few, a GaGa is the nickname for a grandmother. To see many more grandparent names, […]

The 2016 Best Websites for GRANDparents!

Even though websites for grandparents seem to be proliferating as fast as apps, each year we thrill and delight in choosing at least ten websites that we feel our readers and fellow grands will find informative, fascinating, insightful, resourceful, or just lots of fun. We focus on those we feel offer something unique, informative, empowering, […]

Winners of GRAND Magazine’s 2016 Best Books for New GRANDparents Award

2016 Best Books for New Grandparents To help us make our selections for this year’s recognition of the 13 Best Books for New Grandparents, we asked fellow members of the GRANDparent Network to pitch in. This job is getting harder every year. Back in 2004 when we launched GRAND Magazine there were not a lot […]

To Skype Or Not To Skype?

Why you need to shake up the routine and find clever ways to interact online BY KAREN L. RANCOURT  Many long-distance grands love connecting on Skype (or other free online connections), but not all grandkids do. When a young mom asked me what to do about her six-year-old daughter balking at the desired weekly Skype […]

Grandfather of Three Girls Has Grandson Envy

Secret Confession Of A Loving Grandfather. By Sonny Davis My two children have blessed me with three loving, lovely, and talented granddaughters. They are 18 months, 8 years, and 12 years old. I’ve spent the most time with my 2 older granddaughters, who are sisters, because they live only two hours away and have been […]

11 Best Websites For GRANDparents!

Just a few short years ago the choice of websites and blogs for us grands, was pretty sparse, but not today. GRAND Magazine is proud to recognize the following 11 sites/blogs as our 2015 Best Websites for GRANDparents. These 11 were chosen based on appearance, information, ease of use and audience appeal. While these sites […]