Grandfather of Three Girls Has Grandson Envy

Secret Confession Of A Loving Grandfather. By Sonny Davis My two children have blessed me with three loving, lovely, and talented granddaughters. They are 18 months, 8 years, and 12 years old. I’ve spent the most time with my 2 older granddaughters, who are sisters, because they live only two hours away and have been […]

11 Best Websites For GRANDparents!

Just a few short years ago the choice of websites and blogs for us grands, was pretty sparse, but not today. GRAND Magazine is proud to recognize the following 11 sites/blogs as our 2015 Best Websites for GRANDparents. These 11 were chosen based on appearance, information, ease of use and audience appeal. While these sites […]

Do You Think Teasing Is Disguised Bullying?

By Donne Davis – Teasing is mean spirited and destructive — especially for children. Teasing was my family’s MO when I was growing up. In fact, teasing was our family language. We teased each other with silly names we made up. My dad’s favorite name for me was “Klutzamia” which loosely translated means “klutzy […]

4 Generation Celebrations Don’t Always Go Smoothly

By Donne Davis – When I envisioned my granddaughter’s first birthday party, I pictured us all sitting around the table sharing childhood memories and toasting to little Sophia’s first important milestone—something akin to a Norman Rockwell scene. But I should have remembered that a one-year old does not understand the concept of sitting — […]

Why Grandparents Should Limit G-Kids’ Exposure to Technology

By Donne Davis, Gaga Sisterhood A grandma friend asked me for some advice on how to handle a technology problem with her grandchildren. Her 11-year old granddaughter and 8-year old grandson came to spend the night and brought their new iPads. My friend told me the children received the iPads for Christmas and the parents […]

Do You Provide Care for Your Grandchild?

By Donne Davis – Do you provide grandchild care? The Department of Psychology at the University of Georgia is recruiting grandparents and their employed, adult children for a paid research study examining the effects of grandchild care on health, well-being, and career outcomes. This study is funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety […]

2014 Top Ten Websites for GRANDparents

Why these sites should be on your Internet radar.  Just a few short years ago the choice of websites catering to grandparents was limited, but that’s not true anymore. Today, there are multitudes of them, and we scouted around the Internet to view as many as possible, and then chose ten that we thought really […]

GRAND Magazine: Be A Positive Resource For Grandparents

GRAND Magazine: The #1 resource for grandparents GRAND is much more than a magazine. it’s a multi-media tool for today’s grandparents, grandchildren and parents. The Beginning Since 2004, GRAND’s mission has been to help new and veteran grandparents. We provide relevant content, resources and inspiration to help grandparents navigate the grandparent life stage. GRAND Magazine […]

What Is The Job Of GRANDmothers?

By Donne Davis, Founder of, author of When Being a Grandma Isn’t So Grand and a 2011 Top Ten Finalist in GRAND Magazine’s GRANDParent of the Year Awards In the opening episode of  Downton Abbey season five, the Dowager Countess of Grantham (Maggie Smith) offers some advice in her usual forthright manner to the grieving new […]

Grandparents & Grandchildren Don’t Have A Common Enemy

Grandparents & Grandchildren Share a Common Ally! By Donne Davis – Founder of the GaGa Sisterhood an award winning website where grandmas bond, brag, and benefit. Being a grandparent is complicated. I discovered that nine years ago after witnessing the birth of my first grandchild. I was blessed to be the first person to see […]