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Editorial Submissions for GRAND – The Lifestyle Magazine for Awesome Grandparents

SPECIAL NOTICE – Jan 2023:  At this time, GRAND Magazine does not have a freelance writer budget available. We trust that will change soon, but meanwhile, we do not want to disappoint or waste your time by reading the rest of this information.  We truly regret not being able to hire freelance writers, at this time.

CoverStringIf you have a story or news item you would like to submit to GRAND, please e-mail your story Here

We ask that you please spell-check your item, and keep in mind that we do not publish hate speech, etc. Please include a bio, and a recent photo of yourself, or other details and background about your story.

Read GRAND magazine, listen to the voices and the messages. Then, find a story or an idea that directly relates to the role of grandparenting and/or the relationship between grandparents and their adult children “the parents” and everything and anything about grandchildren. Our readers are also interested in finance, education, nutrition, healthy aging, caregiving, caring for our parents, entertainment, sports; you name it . Our audience is made up of primarily “baby boomers” who love to travel, look and feel good and leave a legacy. When you have found a topic, ask yourself two questions: what is this about? And what is this about, really? Then…Answer those two questions to me, in an e-mail (editor@grandmagazine.com) and knock my socks off.

Often, I’m asked questions such as:

  1. Preferred word length. As GRAND is a digital magazine, we look for articles in a 300-450-word range, but just tell the story. We have a great editor; she’ll worry about length.
  2. Samples of past writing. Probably won’t be read. I’m busy, and anyway, who knows how much (and how well) the material was edited after it left your hands? I’m always willing to give a new writer a chance.
  3. What issue will this appear in? Who knows? Our magazine content is
    chosen, by me, to meet an organic standard and each issue has a very
    different personality. Your piece will appear when it is exactly right.
  4. What about photographs? The more you send with a piece that needs photographs, the happier we are, even if we don’t use them. We like to have options. We rarely, once in a blue moon, when pigs fly, pay an author to take photographs.
  5. Do I need to include websites and other resource information in the article, as applicable? Yes, yes, yes. The more links and video/podcast potential and purchasing information and research data, etc. that we make accessible to the reader, the more we’re doing our job.
  6. How quickly will you reply to my query? If you don’t hear from me within 48 hours, something (like spam-control) has interfered. Try again.
  7. Are you happy to hear from new writers? Immensely. It’s the most exciting part of the job…because there’s always the chance that there’s an idea coming that will make my day!

We are a writer’s magazine. We welcome you! From there, we will get back to you with a decision about publishing your news item or feature.

Christine Crosby – Editorial Director – ccrosby@grandmagazine.com

If you have a product you would like us to review, please e-mail the details and press releases Here