About GRAND – The Lifestyle Magazine for Today’s GRANDparents Living the Ageful Life

The Lifestyle Magazine for Today’s Grandparents Living The Ageful Life

From the desk of Christine Crosby, founder, editorial director

A GRAND welcome!
Becoming a grandparent has transformed my life beyond measure. So, from the beginning of GRAND Media in 2004, we’ve made it our mission to provide grandparents of all ages and in all stages of life, information and inspiration.

Through GRAND, we celebrate the joys and help provide solutions to the many challenges of being a grandparent in today’s tech-savvy world. We also realize that we are not ‘just’ grandparents. We are multifaceted human beings with many passions and interests. In addition to our important role as grandparents, we want to transition through our life stages as successfully as possible.

As a culture, we are long overdue for a paradigm shift in what we believe about growing older. We want to learn to thrive with each passing year.  So come along with us, as together, we explore the changing face of grandparenting and positive aging.

Continually updated with new and helpful information, standard features in the magazine, newsletter and website include: positive aging, fun and healthy lifestyles, connecting generations, livable communities and all things GRANDparent:  grandparent nicknames, grandchildren gifts, long-distance grandparenting, kinship care and grandparents’ rights, alienated grandparents, children’s health and development, multi-generational travel and reunions, family money, fun and games to do with your grandchildren, food and family gatherings, fashion, inspirations and much more!

We realize that being a grand has its challenges. Many grandparents are not in the lives of their grandchildren because of a serious breakdown in their family primarily with the parents. GRAND provides expert help for alienated grands.

Today, in the U.S. there are over seven million children being raised full time by a relative caregiver – usually a grandparent. Through our partner, Generations United and other experts, we bring information and inspiration for these grands as well.

We welcome your comments, suggestions, and articles of interest to grandparents. Send to editor@grandmagazine.com

With my best,

Christine Crosby

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Christine Crosby, is a grandmother, and great-grandmother. She has been a successful entrepreneur, book and magazine publisher, and child/family advocate for 30 plus years. In 2004, she brought together a top team of professionals, publishing specialists, and sponsors to launch GRAND – The Lifestyle Magazine for Today’s GRANDparents. 

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