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Posted on February 5, 2024 by Christine Crosby in baby names, grandparents, names, parents, Ray Price

Top Ten Car-Inspired Baby Names

Hey grandparents,

Here’s a cute article for parents on new and interesting baby names

It never hurts to keep up with the latest and greatest baby names. But don’t forget, never butt in or interfere with your child (the soon-to-be parent). It is their call and you should not try to influence or God forbid, argue or dispute any names the parents proffer for your grandchild.   See the Six mistakes Grandparents Should Avoid Making

Are you a car lover stuck on what to name your grand should have? Take a look at some of the car-inspired ideas below!


If you’re a parent-to-be, you’ll of course put great thought into choosing a name for your baby. But have you ever considered a name inspired by your favorite brand of car? If so, you’re not alone.


1 Austin 171,760
2 Cooper 81,597
3 Devin 65,767
4 Hudson 63,573
5 Lincoln 60,682
6 Bentley 45,339
7 Holden 20,334
8 Colt 14,648
9 Morgan 11,828
10 Prince 9,316


1 Morgan 98,326
2 Mercedes 11,381
3 Devin 4,178
4 Lexus 2,942
5 Bentley 2,358
6 Austin 2,105
7 Cooper 1,716
8 Tesla 1,468
9 Lincoln 1,277
10 Hudson 1,,274


The Top Two

Austin easily tops the list, being 18 times more popular than Prince, the lowest-ranked name. Austin is often associated with the British car brand Austin-Healey, known for their elegant sportscars. In second place comes Cooper, which is potentially linked to the Mini Cooper, another iconic British car. So, looking to add a touch of English elegance to your baby’s name? Then look no further.

The Use of Non-Traditional Names

The popularity of names like Bentley and Colt suggests a trend towards unusual and fashionable names. This shows that parents are increasingly seeking unique or distinctive names for their children to help them stand out from the crowd.


Top Position

Morgan is by far the most popular name on the list. This could be attributed to its gender-neutral appeal (see also Devin, Austin, and Cooper) or the fact that it doesn’t immediately conjure an automotive association, unlike some of the other names. This could be a good choice if you want your baby’s name to be a subtle reference to a classic car brand.

The Preference For Luxury

The prestige and sophistication of luxury car brands seem to have called to parents giving their kids car-associated names, as  Mercedes, Lexus, and Bentley are all inspired by luxury car brands. If you want to give your kid some high-end associations, picking a name inspired by a luxury car brand might be the way to go.

Lower Overall Popularity

The number of instances for each name (except for Morgan) is relatively lower compared to the boys’ list. According to the Newsweek website, there was a boy/girl split ratio of 382:71. Whilst 764,000 boys were given auto-related names, only 142,000 girls had them. This suggests that if you choose a car-inspired name for your baby girl, her name will be unique and different.

Emergence of Modern Brand Names

Tesla, the eighth name on the list, is a relatively new car brand, and their inclusion here shows how much of a splash they’ve made in the automobile world, especially when you consider that many of the other popular names are inspired by classic car brands.

Ray says, ‘Boys’ names tend to reflect a broader range of automotive associations and show a preference for classic and strong-sounding names. Girls’ names, though fewer in overall popularity, include a mixture of luxury brand associations and gender-neutral options.’


Ray Pierce is the founder and CEO of Zippy Cash for Cars. Zippy Cash for Cars has over 20 years of experience and has been a family-operated business since before 2000. Zippy Cash for Cars has grown from a small basement with 2 employees to purchasing over 200,000 cars nationwide. Their goal is to offer exceptional customer service and ensure a positive experience, promising fair prices for vehicles of any age or condition.

Source:  We used the data published on the Newsweek website in 2021. This analyzed information going back to over previous 20 years.


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